Mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner for the first time

One of the most important decisions you can make is to move in with your partner. It is a huge milestone that marks a big change in your life. It is new, exciting, and can be riddled with problems. It’s not a simple moving issue. It is a much more substantial decision that will cause stress and require a long transition period. This change in your life requires preparation and adaptation. It will be difficult but it is manageable. What you should know is that many people make mistakes when moving in together. To make this process easier you should know the Mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner. Knowing this is the first step to preparing and handling them.

What to consider – why the stress?

Moving in together is not as simple as just moving. It demands time to prepare and execute. There is a lot to look into and analyze before you start your move. Furthermore, it demands a certain time to adapt.

Happy couple moving in but there are Mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner
Make sure you handle some issues and avoid mistakes when moving in together

Why is that? It is a big decision. It is connected to certain issues that might be hard on a couple and cause fights. Tackling them calmly and peacefully is key. So, you should strive to avoid making these mistakes that can cause tension. However, you should first know mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner. Here are some most common mistakes you should handle:

  • Deciding where to move
  • Finances
  • Decluttering
  • Housekeeping rules

Where to move

The first question is where you are going to live as a couple. There are a few options to consider but the decision should be made without pressure and together. Try to be rational and find the best solution for both. Usually, the best decision is to find a new place to start fresh. You should decide by analyzing the location and the cost of living there commutes for both partners and the proximity of some of the crucial amenities. Not finding a middle ground on this is one of the most common mistakes couples make. In addition, some compromising is necessary when decorating our new home. So try to be flexible and take everyone’s wishes and sense of style into account.


Usually moving in together means saving money for a couple. You will both jointly pay rent, utility bills, and all other expenses. In this way, you won’t have double the expenses you have when living alone. However, deciding how to participate in expenses may cause friction. You both should make a plan about how to split the expenses. Furthermore, you should have an agreement on how to invest money and decide on your savings priorities. Not making such a plan will be one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner.


Moving in together means that both sides bring their belongings into the mix. This means, furniture, appliances, and either duplicate items. Since it’s not possible to keep them all you should declutter and get rid of the surplus. Being rational here is key. Both should try to compromise and find the best solution. Try to balance and keep things from both sides. You should keep what you need and put extra items in a unit for safekeeping.

Couple unpacking
Make sure you handle the decorating issues and decluttering before moving in

Housekeeping rules

You should define housekeeping rules as soon as possible. This is not that obvious but it would be a mistake to skip this. Everyone should be clear about their duties and chores that will keep the place organized and clean. Splitting up chores will keep things balanced between the two making everything more harmonious and simpler.

In short

The problem with moving in with your partner is always finding common ground and compromising. Not meeting in the middle is the source of all other mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner. So, not making compromises early on is the biggest mistake that can cause all of the others.