Leaving Maryland for good – how to move with ease?

People move all the time. This happens for a variety of reasons: it can be a new relationship, a new job, or simply to see what the rest of the world has to offer. However, we can’t deny that moving is a lot of work, stress, and everything else that follows. In order to move with ease, you’ll need to have amazing organizing skills.

So, you decided to leave Maryland, and for good. That’s okay – it’s a great state, but after a while, we all need a change. At this point, you’ve probably made several decisions already. Where to move next, what kind of place you’d like, maybe you’ve already found a place too. 
After that, there’s only one big issue: the moving process itself. Continue reading to pick up some tips and tricks on how to move with ease.

Where to start?

You might think that you’ll be able to keep everything in your head, but give up on that idea until it’s too late. Instead, make a thorough list several weeks ahead.
What should you put on the list, you ask? Well, everything. The best thing to do is to write down everything that you need to do and then divide the work by days. It’s also smart to go room by room.

Making a list is essential if you want to move with ease.
Making a list is essential if you want to move with ease.

For example:

  • Monday: Pack and clean the attic
  • Tuesday: Pack and clean the bedroom
  • Wednesday: Call the movers and pack all the carpets and rugs

This way, you won’t get yourself into a situation where every room is halfway done, there are boxes everywhere, the boxes are all mixed up, and so on. It’s a mess you neither want nor need if you want to move with ease. Maybe you should check out our moving home guide for more ideas that might help.

The real trick to having a move with ease: hire help

We people tend to think we can do everything by ourselves. Most of us hate asking for help. When it comes to moving, there are usually many friends, relatives, and neighbors who offer their help, which is very nice. But what’s not nice is that some will ditch the day before, some will come only for the beer and food, some will go around and ultimately you’ll have to do everything alone, plus have a crowd around to feed.

Hire the professionals to save yourself the stress and trouble.
Hire the professionals to save yourself the stress and trouble.

This is precisely why you should consider hiring professionals. Moving labor includes every stage of the process of moving: packing, disassembling and assembling the furniture again, loading and unloading the moving truck, even transportation and unpacking. The good thing is that you’ll get an estimated price beforehand (it’s called a moving quote), and you can tailor the service according to your needs and how much you’re willing to pay.

What does it look like?

For example, you’ll pack the whole house or the apartment yourself but you can’t carry the boxes all the way to the truck (because of the stairs or whatever reason). Or, you have no idea how to properly pack things like instruments, armchairs, or electronics. You can call the professionals such as Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland and save yourself the trouble and the stress. Plus, most of the companies offer insurance, which comes in handy in the rare case of something getting damaged or broken.
While you’re packing, or even before that, while you’re making the list, think about what you want to bring and what not. You don’t want to arrive at your new place, start unpacking, and realize you don’t want half of the things you brought. Separating the items into categories like BRING, DONATE, TOSS will make your life easier. Check out our guide for getting rid of extra items in order to move with ease.

Job relocation

This isn’t always the case, but often we’ll change our job when we move. You might want to start looking for jobs months earlier in case you won’t have one when you move.
The other scenario is that you’re moving the entire business, or an office, to a new city. In order to move with ease, you should think about hiring professionals for this too. Make sure you learn about different office moving assistance options so this aspect goes smoothly and stress-free too.

Moving day

If you want to move with ease, the moving day itself is as important as the whole preparation prior to it. Depending on where you’re going, make sure you’re up early and that you had hired the service for as early as possible. This should leave you enough time to arrive at the new place together with your things, unpack the essentials, and settle for the day. 
After that, it’s time for the fun part, and that’s unpacking and decorating your new place!

After the move

As we said, moving is a difficult process, physically and emotionally. You’ll have to find a new group of friends, meet the neighborhood, etc.
What you can do for starters is to check out the local food places and coffee shops. It’s a smart idea because you’ll be too overwhelmed to cook. Also, it is a nice way to unwind and meet people. 

Friends at a coffee shop
After the move, it’s time to find new friends.

Also, try checking out social media – the groups, the pages, the meetups for newcomers. Join a gym or take up a hobby. Those are all great ways to develop a new group of acquaintances and ultimately friends. For more ideas on how to socialize after relocation, use some tips for meeting new friends.
So, there you go. We know that moving is a rocky road and enormous work. If you have a job to relocate, it can be overwhelming. To make it all a lot easier and if you want to really move with ease, plan and organize carefully. Also, don’t hesitate to hire professionals. Moving labor services are great because you get to choose what they help you with and how much you’ll spend.
Just don’t let all the stress make you forget about all the nice aspects. The fact that you’re starting a new, exciting chapter. After you move with ease, allow yourself to enjoy.