The best time to book movers for that budget move

The best time to book movers in terms of seasons is the winter. Summer moving costs are the highest because the home selling season is in its peak. November through New Year’s season is when moving companies have fewer projects since kids are in school and most people wouldn’t opt to move right before the holidays. But besides choosing the best season, there are other time management specifics to decide when planning the best time to book movers and pack up your whole life.

As early as possible is the best time to book movers during the day

When you hire a professional moving company, they’ll want to arrive in the early A.M. – somewhere between 8 and 10 a.m. This will all be specified in your moving contract, along with other specifics of your relocation conditions. Early mornings usually mean cooler conditions for the movers during those warmer months.

White Alarm clock and white mug
Good news for all the early birds out there – movers want an early start. Rise and pack up!

Weekdays make all the difference when choosing the best time to book movers

Yes, weekdays will make all the difference for your budget. Monday through Friday to be exact is when moving companies have less jobs to handle. Many moving companies like experienced movers Nice Move, Inc. suggest that when you opt for moving during that Monday to Thursday window there is less demand, hence lesser costs.
Most employed people choose the weekend because they don’t want to spend vacation days on a move. But consider that moving on a weekday means you’ll have the weekend to unpack, get organized and unwind before your next work week.

A calculator
Did you know there were so many ways to cut your moving day costs?

There is even the matter of picking a mid-month week

When considering the best time to book movers it would be ideal if you had the flexibility to avoid moving the first and last weekend of the month. We strongly recommend opting for a mid-month, mid-week move. The demand is at its lowest and your costs may be very budget friendly. This is possible because most leases begin the first of the month and movers have more work at that time.

Other considerations when choosing the best time to book movers

  • Weather: If you live in a cold climate, or you’re moving to a very cold state, try avoiding a move in the middle of winter. Snowstorms, icy roads, and other treacherous conditions certainly do not make enjoyable conditions for heavy lifting. 
  • Work: If you have to move during a busy time at work, then it may be worth the extra bucks to move on a weekend date.
  • Family concerns: In case you have kids in school, you will probably have to spend some extra cash to move during the summer. 

Woman looking at the weather forecast on her iwatch
Winter is the cheapest time to move, but watch out for those snowstorms.

Of course, this is very individual. The best time to book movers for each client will depend on location, weather, budget, family matters and flexibility at work. Once you have these organized, you can give us a call and be certain you are on your way to a successful move.