Moving checklist – how to prepare for a move?

Most successful relocations happen when you plan your steps in detail. Preparation is the most important aspect of every move. When moving across the country make sure to stay organized the best way you can. Consider using a moving checklist to better prepare for a move. Here are a few tips from professional on preparing your relocation during a month or two before the moving day until the day of your move. 

Few weeks before the move

Relocations take time to plan. When moving long distance, you should start planning the moving process a month or even two in advance. It is best that you divide your work into stages. That way it will be easier to organize. Also, you won’t forget anything if you organize with multiple moving checklists.
Few weeks before the move make sure you start going through your belongings. When you do, consider sorting all of the items. Make sure to get rid of all the items you don’t need anymore. That way you will declutter your home which is important because your movers may calculate your moving costs depending on your cargo weight. Make sure to sell the items you can, online. On the other hand, if you don’t have so much time, consider having a garage sale.

The week before the move

The week before the move can be quite stressful if you don’t organize. That is why you should follow your moving checklist and find the best moving company for your relocation. The best movers should have years of experience. Also, they should have trained employees that are polite and professional. When looking for the best moving company, make sure to ask for the moving quote or an estimate. The official quote represents your moving costs if you hire the same moving company.
A week before the move is reserved for getting all of the packing materials that you may need. You should always ask your movers about the packing service they offer. Sometimes packing is included in the final moving price if you are moving long distance.

Few days before the moving day

A couple of days before the moving day are reserved for packing your belongings. Packing may seem like the easy task, but sometimes it isn’t. To successfully pack your belongings and prepare everything for the moving day, make sure you get help from friends. In case you have big and bulky furniture pieces, consult your movers about protecting the furniture or disassemble it yourself.

Getting quality moving boxes is one of the key point on your moving checklist
Getting quality moving boxes is one of the key points on your moving checklist

When packing, make sure to use clean and sturdy moving boxes. It is best if you use new and professional packing supplies. Consider buying plastic wrapping paper, packing tape and packing peanuts to secure your belongings for transport.

On a moving day

When the moving day comes, all of your belongings should be packed and ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. When your movers arrive, consider offering them refreshments while they work.