Moving from Maryland to Toronto – neighborhoods you should check out

Moving to another country is a big step in life and a big challenge. If you are moving from Maryland to Toronto, your entire life will be different. Yes, you will move to Toronto, but it is not a small city. It has plenty of different neighborhoods you can choose from.

The list of best neighborhoods in Toronto to check out

To organize your move from the USA to Canada, choose the right location for you. Toronto is a beautiful city in Ontario and it is the capital of this province. It has almost 3 million people. Reasons, why people are moving to Toronto, are:

  • Friendly people
  • Diversity
  • Safety
  • Strong economy
  • Job opportunities
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Education
  • Art scene
  • Good healthcare
Canadian flag on a hand.
A lot of people are moving from the USA to Canada because it offers many opportunities and a better quality of life

Each neighborhood is different and unique. Some of them are good for families with kids, retirees, or young professionals. Some of the best places in Toronto to move to include:

  • Kensington Market
  • Roncesvalles
  • West Queen West
  • East Chinatown
  • The Junction
  • Scarborough

If you are able, visit different neighborhoods and then make the final decision. It is better when you see it yourself.

A view of Toronto.
Explore Toronto and find a neighborhood that fits you the best. It has many ex-pats, including Americans too

Start by researching online, separate a couple of places and explore them a little bit better. To find a house, hire a local real estate agent from Toronto and research the real estate market here as well.

Keep your items safe in a storage unit in MD

If you want to keep your items, but still, you don’t want to move everything to Toronto, another solution is to rent a storage unit. Explore companies in Maryland that offer storage services and keep your items in a safe place.

Start by researching online and visit different company’s websites. is one of the sites. They can move your items to a storage facility, so you don’t have to deal with it. Most people when moving from Maryland to Toronto move only the essentials because the distance between these two places is about 500 miles.

What to do with all your items before moving from Maryland to Toronto?

If you don’t want to move all your items from the USA to Canada, you can sell them, or better, give them to your friends and family members. Of course, it does not mean less work, but, you can save money because it is not cheap to move furniture to another country. Local movers from MD can move furniture to your friends and family, surprise them. Hire teams that can handle this transportation with ease.

A few more tips

What is the fundamental step to take when moving? Choosing a location. Which one of the Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats you will choose depends on different factors. Your job, budget, kids’ school, lifestyle, etc. Different homes come with different prices and the location is a huge factor when moving from Maryland to Toronto.