Moving from Pennsylvania to Canada – things to know about Canada real estate

If you are considering a move, Canada today is a good destination. Moving from Pennsylvania to Canada is becoming a trend today. The state has a reputation of being quiet and safe and this is usually the main reason to move there. In addition today it is a great investment opportunity given the exchange rate levels. But to make relocation to Canada successful, you require some form of advanced knowledge. So, let us see what you should know about the real estate market in Canada before you move here.

Canada: a place to be

Today Canada is drawing in more and more ex-pats from America. The country is safe, quiet, and beautiful and has a reputation for being very polite and friendly. As such it is clear why so many Americans are moving here even in light of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is clear that Superior Moving & Storage and other movers are keeping busy with providing quality long-distance moving services. Whether the move will be to start a business or look for a job, retire or go to school Canada is the right choice. However, if you are looking to buy property the changes to the real estate market brought by Covid are visible. The real state trends have changed and are still developing.

Big city downtown is not a good destination if you are moving from Pennsylvania to Canada
Big cities are becoming deserted as people are migrating to smaller towns and communities

Real estate trends in Canada today

It’s a fact that Canada’s real estate is very competitive and housing solutions are in high demand. This seller’s market is pushing real estate prices very high particularly in the top big cities in Canada. Affordable homes are hard to find. The Covid 19 pandemic did influence the market. So, new trends for 2021 are:

  • The needs for real estate changed
  • The market is recovering fast

The market took a hit but it did not crash and is recovering quickly.

Real estate needs

Real estate prices have changed a lot due to Covid 19 scare. Many Canadians are fleeing the big cities looking to smaller communities away from the crowds. For safety, many families are in search of detached housing and single-family homes. This is why small towns away from big business hubs are now in demand and their real estate prices are on the rise.

A small town street
Small towns are in high demand today

At the same time condos in big cities are left vacant. This is why they are more affordable now. If you plan on moving from Pennsylvania to Canada this might be your solution. So, do your research and find an affordable solution for you. Then start packing and find reliable people to give you a hand. Your move can be done quickly and efficiently with the help of professionals.

Market recovery

The real-estate market did not crash although it experienced a price correction. Now is the right time to buy real-estate as the prices are more affordable than usual. However, leasing is also more affordable as people are migrating from the big cities. At the same time it certain that the market is recovering. The prices have started growing again. Most Canadians saved up during the pandemic and are in the market for housing. This is also driving up the demand and the prices again.

Small family home
The basic trend is the demand for small-single family and detached homes

So, if you are moving from Pennsylvania to Canada and you are looking for a home now is the prime time. Now is a small window of opportunity for buying affordable condos or family homes. The prices are not that low but they are expected to rise again.