Moving from Toronto to Vancouver – what to expect

The two famous cities in Canada. But what can you expect when you are moving from Toronto to Vancouver. They might seem similar but they have their differences. And we are going to talk about both the similarities and the differences between these two cities.

The cost of living

The first thing you probably want to know is what is the difference in the cost of living between the two cities. Toronto is considered to be in the top 10 of the world’s most expensive cities. Can Vancouver top that? No. Vancouver is cheaper than Toronto. But don’t get us wrong, it is still very expensive. If you hire a moving team to relocate your home in Toronto and Vancouver, the one in Vancouver will be cheaper even though the move is the same. Groceries are the same everywhere as you would expect. So is the nightlife. Homes are very expansive and so is renting. You won’t be able to find a decent home under 1 million Canadian dollars.
But we have to mention this one thing. Vancouver isn’t as fun as Toronto.

Vancouver isn’t as fun as Toronto

Yes, you heard it right. Toronto is the city where you will want to party all night with friends. Vancouver will make you want to stay at home. The ambiance of Vancouver is calmer and a bit colder. Entertainment in Toronto is just better. But don’t get us wrong, there are fun things to do in Vancouver. Plenty of them. After all, it is a big city and it attracts many tourists. You can go to yoga, hockey, ice skating. Or you can walk around the beautiful parks, ride bikes. And if that doesn’t sound fun either, you have plenty of cinemas, theatres, galleries, museums, etc. Moving from Toronto to Vancouver doesn’t mean the fun stops, it will only be reduced.

girl in bed
Vancouver will make you want to stay at home more.

Vancouver is much smaller than Toronto

Not many people know this, but Vancouver is a lot smaller than Toronto. Vancouver’s area is 115 square kilometers. Toronto has a size of 630 square kilometers. You could say that Toronto is 6 times bigger than Vancouver. This might come as a shock to some people who are moving from Toronto to Vancouver. This is a good thing, though. A smaller city means you don’t have to be inside your car all the time. Hop on your bike and ride around the beautiful streets of Vancouver. This will save you some money on gas. Plus, this is definitely the best way to meet this lovely city.

It is not as easy to fit in

A lot of people say that fitting in is much easier in Toronto than in Vancouver. Which for some reason doesn’t make any sense as Toronto is huge.  But it is true. You might feel alone from time to time if you are moving by yourself for a job or university. So if you are moving to Toronto, have no fear. But moving to Vancouver is a completely different story. Even though it is a multicultural city, people are much colder than people who live in Toronto.

Vancouver is more relaxing

As you could already guess by yourself, Vancouver is more relaxing than Toronto. Because Toronto is so big it has to be fast. And the lifestyle of Vancouver isn’t fast. It is actually very calm. This is another reason why people who move from Toronto to Vancouver find it a bit boring. That is exactly why Vancouver would be perfect for families and elderly people. Only if it were less expensive.

sleeping in bed
Some people who move from Toronto to Vancouver find it boring as it is much slower.

The weather in Vancouver is steady

In Vancouver, you can experience all four seasons. But the winters of Toronto are much harsher and longer. There is a lot less snow in Vancouver during wintertime so you won’t have to worry about slippery roads and heavy traffic on your way to work. If you are moving with a pet to a colder climate, be careful. Your pet is sensitive and you don’t want anything bad happening.

Living in Vancouver is unique

Vancouver is a very unique city. It seems like it was taken out of a postcard and put on Earth. You are living on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. You can see the mountains, the parks. Hiking is a very famous activity among residents of Vancouver.

Fast travel to Asia

Vancouver is the closest city to Asia. So if you love sushi, why not take a few day trip to Japan and try the authentic sushi. The flight is long but not as long as when you travel from Toronto. You can visit Australia easily toe tickets are much cheaper than Toronto. Traveling to Asia has never been this easy and cheap for you who are moving from Toronto to Vancouver.

girl at the airport
Traveling to Asia has never been easier.

Toronto has more job opportunities

Because Toronto is bigger, there are more job opportunities. This can only mean one thing. You can start your own business. Vancouver is a city by the coast. Everyone knows that coastal cities have a lot of opportunities for small businesses.


Two very different yet again very similar cities. Which one do you prefer and where would you rather live? Both cities definitely attract different types of people. Vancouver is for us who enjoy having some alone time in bed by the window while it is raining and Toronto is for those who seem to enjoy dancing in the rain. Moving from Toronto to Vancouver won’t be too shocking now that you’ve done your needed research.