How to pack a computer for relocation

Preparing for a relocation can be tricky and challenging, especially when packing specialized items. For example, to pack a computer for relocation, you must follow a few simple steps. Otherwise, you are risking a lot of trouble. Your computer might be damaged, or you might lose a couple of small, but essential pieces. In conclusion, you’ll end up spending money to buy new parts or even a new computer. So, let’s avoid all these problems by following this simple guide.

How to pack a computer for relocation

After your relocation is done, you will probably have an interesting story to share, so don’t hesitate to pass it on. Your experience might help others. But for now, let’s see how to make your moving easy, and how to pack a computer for relocation in just a few simple steps.

Original box

While it is a clever idea to get quality supplies to pack your belongings, I must underline the importance of having the original box. First of all, it is made to transport that exact computer. It has all the compartments for cables and small pieces, and it provides the necessary protection.

Finding quality packing materials

However, people usually don’t keep boxes, and if your computer is with you for a long time, chances are you already threw the original packaging away. In this case, you must acquire supplies to pack everything. You can search for a company that sells quality packing material, like But for now, let’s look at the basic material you will need is:

  • plastic zip-lock bags
  • a sturdy box
  • packing foam
  • tape

Let’s see how to utilize these supplies.

Take a photo of the cabling in the back

If you are not tech savvy, you might forget where each cable goes. Furthermore, if you don’t have a manual, you’ll have to spend time online searching for how to connect your PC after the relocation. To save yourself from all that trouble, simply take a couple of photos of the cabling in the back with your mobile phone. This will make the entire process of connecting the cables simple and easy.

Wrap all the cables together

Once you have the photo taken, power off your PC and unplug all the cables. Wrap them around and tape with scotch tape. Be careful not to damage the cables. If you fold them too hard, the wiring inside the cable might break, and you’ll have to buy new ones.

wrapped USB cable
Wrapping the cables and securing them with tape or wire is crucial

Put small pieces in a zip-lock bag

It is usually not recommended to disassemble your PC when moving. Do not experiment with this if you don’t know how to assemble everything. However, if there are small parts, like a camera, or a USB, you can safely store them in a zip-lock bag. This way they won’t get lost.

Packing the mouse, keyboard, and speakers

After you unplug the mouse, keyboard, and speakers, wrap the cables around them. You can use a piece of tape to keep them secure, so they don’t mix up. You can also use tape to secure the casing of your PC if it is the type that can open. Once everything is neatly folded, you can put everything in a box you prepared, and stuff the empty space with packing foam.

Do not disassemble your PC if you don't know how to assemble it
Do not disassemble your PC if you don’t know how to assemble it

Packing the monitor

If possible, the monitor should go in a separate box. Wrap the cable around the base, and protect the screen with packing foam and tape. It is smart to label which side of the box is the screen. If you follow these simple steps, it shouldn’t be a problem to quickly and safely pack a computer for relocation!