Moving to Sudbury with a family

Do you want to start a new life? Well, Canada is a country that has been attracting immigrants for a long time. Every year to Canada come to live more than 250,000 new people. Its high life standard, political stability, high-quality healthcare and education, multiculturalism – are some of the reasons why people come to this distant country. Probably the most popular province for settling in Canada is Ontario. In this article, we are going to talk about moving to Sudbury, the largest city in the north of the province. If you are among the people who want to move to that city with your family, movers Sudbury can help you make your move as painless as possible. But, what to do after moving to Sudbury with a family? Well, we have some suggestions.

Moving to Sudbury can be a good choice for your family

Sudbury is a very popular city because of its industry, lakes, and, of course, well-known attractions. Many people decide to move there for the rest of their lives. They just pack their boxes, call long distance movers Ontario, say goodbye to their friends, and they are ready for a new life! So, let’s see why are all those people going there. And why you should also consider moving to Sudbury with a family.

About the city

Like we already said, Sudbury is in the Canadian province of Ontario. Its history begins with the development of copper and nickel deposits, as well as the construction of the Trans-Canadian Railway. Most of the inhabitants are French, so French language is very common there. Sudbury is an industrial city. Nonferrous metallurgy, wood processing, chemical and food industries, mining equipment are the main employment of the population. Its name is associated with Brian Savage, an Olympic hockey player and prize-winner. Here you can see the second tallest chimney in the world. There are also many lakes around the city.

The most important thing after moving to Sudbury with a family

studying after moving to sudbury with a family
Schools in Sudbury offer various types of education

That would be, of course, school! You want to give your kids a chance to study in best schools. Of course, they have various interests and wishes, and you need to make sure they study what they want. Well, Sudbury is the right place for that. Since people there speak English and French, there are schools for native speakers of both languages.
If you are an English speaker, you should come to Rainbow District School Board. They have 27 elementary and seven secondary schools, as well as school for children with special needs. There is also the Cecil Facer Youth Centre, the school for young offenders. It also acts as a detention centre.
People whose native language is French can go to Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario. There you can find seven elementary and two secondary schools and also one alternative secondary school.
There are also boards for Catholic education on both languages. For English language that’s Sudbury Catholic District School Board, with 20 elementary schools, four high schools and an adult education centre. For French speakers there is Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario. It has 15 elementary, four secondary schools,as well as one adult education secondary school.
Throughout the city you can find the branches of the Greater Sudbury Public Library. More that 50% of residents are active library users.


There are three college facilities in the city of Sudbury. The biggest and most popular is the Laurentian University. In that university is the first medical school opened in Canada in 30 years. There is also the first new architecture school in Canada in more than 40 years.
There are two more colleges: Cambrian College (English) and College Boreal (French).

Where to go after moving to Sudbury with a family

An important attraction here is the Dynamic Earth Museum, an object that presents complex rocks to tourists.Here you can go underground and see how the ore is extracted. Excursion around the mine is very informative and convenient for the whole family. They also organize interactive shows. Children will be very interested in a virtual acquaintance with underground works. In this museum is a nine-meter coin of 5 cents, made entirely of nickel – the largest in the world.
A good excursion could be to the Art Gallery, exhibiting the work of the Italian artist Stopciati. He comes from the Italian town of Loreto, on the Adriatic coast. He moved to Canada when he was still young. Here he created a lot of canvases, where he immortalized the beauty of the local lake and bay. In the halls of the gallery are the most famous works of the master. Visitors always leave rave reviews in the guest book, noting the skill and professionalism of the paintings.

Where to go with kids after moving to Sudbury with a family

picnic after moving to Sudbury with a family
You can go for a nice picnic after moving to Sudbury with a family

You can see a lot of interesting things in the Fielding Bird Sanctuary, in the southern part of Sudbury. On the territory of a spacious park, you can see nature in its original form: fields, paths, many trees, a pond. Here you can even arrange a picnic, there are specially equipped areas for this purpose. Children will be happy to watch swans and ducks on the pond. There are convenient walking paths, squirrels and chipmunks run out to them. You can feed them, which is something children enjoy. There is a playground for children’s games. The entrance to the park is free.
It will also be interesting for kids in the museum complex Science North. Here they talk in detail about the world of science, nature, environment, human activity. The interactive story leads the children into raptures. The exhibits are constantly changing, so you can learn something new in every visit. Among the exhibitions are collections of living insects, which you can hold in your hand if you like. You can also pet the beaver and porcupine, and see other animals. In a separate room there are screenings of films and scientific shows.
In the evening, the whole family can go to the Sudbury Theater. The decision to build a new theater building was made in 1967, and in 1971 it got the first spectators. Leading talented actors took part in the project financing, considering it one more step in their career. The theater has a children’s theater studio branch. Today it is one of the best theater institutions in the country, where you can see classical and modern productions.