Best shopping spots in Toronto

Searching for the best shopping spots in Toronto? Whether you are looking for a bargain or high-end items, shopping in Toronto is terrific. If you are new in the city, we advise taking your time when shopping. Depending on what you are looking for, go through our guide to best shopping spots in Toronto and choose what is important on your list. Anyway, we suggest visiting all of these places for sure.

Best shopping spots in Toronto
Toronto is a great city for shopping

1. Best shopping spots in Toronto – Toronto Eaton Centre

Located at 220 Yonge Street, this fabulous shopping mall has more than 250 retail stores that you can spend your dollars in. It is perfect for any weather conditions, whether it is too cold or too hot outside. Toronto Eaton Shopping center has the perfect location as well – it is situated in the heart of the city, covering two blocks in downtown. Its working hours are 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM so you will have plenty of time to do some nice shopping in here. Wi-fi is available all around the mall – for free. Apart from the shopping area, this mall also includes a couple of fine restaurants where you can take a break and think about your purchase.
The mall opened in 1977, and since then many changes and upgrades were made. Its style resembles the one of the Galleria in Milan, Italy, with high glass ceilings and wide, open space with shops on the sides. In addition, what is also interesting about its style is that a flock of geese sculpture hangs from the ceiling, which looks like actual birds are flying through the mall.

2. Bloor – Yorkville

This place is quite an oddity in the city. It is situated among the high and modern buildings and fancy shopping malls. The architecture of this neighboorhood is quite vintage and unusual, yet it offers a lot of things. Among the houses, you can find some restaurants, shops, art galleries that can catch your eye and make you spend some money. And the boutiques – not for the ones on the budget. Bloor, Yorkville features high-end fashion stores like Prada, Chanel, Gucci or Hermes. If you are a tourist, you can stay at some luxury hotels located in the area – like Four Seasons hotel.
As for the entertainment in your resting moments, this area is always active and exciting. You can find different style restaurants and enjoy some of the fines cuisines, visit a cinema or a museum.

boutiques in
You can find a large selection of boutiques and other stores in Bloor West Village which makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto

3. Best shopping spots in Toronto – Chinatown

North America’s second largest Chinatown is right here, in Toronto. Everybody knows that you can find some great items at low prices. You can find basically everything here – clothing, toys, home decor items, jewelry, holiday decorations, etc. And what is best about every Chinatown in the world is definitely – food. From street food to fine restaurants, there are many places that offer delicious Chinese foods, but you can also try some other Asian cuisines, like Vietnamese.  If you are not here just for shopping, there are even guided tours that will show you around Chinatown’s monuments, attractions, cultural and traditional places. During Chinese New Year holiday, you can see why is this the biggest celebration of the year. There is a parade of dragon and lion dancers, that you shouldn’t miss.

4. Queen Street West

Kensington market is the heaven for the alternative-lovers. Shoppers who don’t want to spend dollars on expensive clothes, fancy cafes, and restaurants, this is the best choice. Located close to Chinatown, this place offers a lot. Many cheap, retro shops, vintage boutiques and second-hand stores are a big attraction. Furthermore, if we talk about food, you can buy many organic items here, and eat at some great restaurants as well.

Toronto’s Kensington Market is the best spot for fresh fruit and vegetables, you should know this to become a Toronto local.
To become a Toronto local quickly, you should know that Toronto’s Kensington Market is the perfect place for fresh fruit and vegetables.

6. Vaughn Mills -best shopping spots in Toronto

This is a favorite spot for tourists. It offers a mix of outlets and specialty concept stores where you can have a special shopping experience. Leading fashion brands that you can find here include

  1. Hugo Boss
  2. Armani Outlet
  3. Michael Kors Outlet
  4. Victoria’s secret and many others.

Shops spread on almost 110,000 m² of retail space. Finally, one of the most interesting non-shopping attraction is Legoland Center, therefore popular among children.

7.Artscape Distillery Studios 

If you are a lover of DIY, arts, and crafts this is a place for you. This is a warehouse that is now a home for many galleries and studios. People who work here make everything, from clothes to jewelry, and do different projects. This organization gives support to creativity and small business.
Shopping is definitely something that you can enjoy all the time, everywhere. But shopping in Toronto offers such a variety of choices which makes it difficult to choose where to go. From posh, luxurious stores to art galleries and craftsmen shops, you will find everything you need. But shopping is not all that you can do in these areas. Many of these shopping heavens include many entertainment and sightseeing attractions, which can be great during your exploring of the Toronto after you moved. If you are a tourist, take a break from all the shopping and check out some of the Toronto’s hottest attractions as well. Finally, don’t spend all your money at once, but take your time and explore Toronto day by day. When shopping, follow this simple guide we prepared for you and enjoy your day!