Moving to New York City with pets – what's to know?

Moving is not easy, and it is not easy for pets too. Many pets can be sad and depressed because of location change. Moving to New York City with pets is not impossible, you will maybe have difficulties with finding an apartment if you have a big dog, but you will figure it out with your real estate agent. So, here is why you need to know before a moving day and how to prepare.

Street in NYC with people and cars
Your pet will need time to adjust to NYC streets

Prepare for moving to New York City with pets

Be informed about laws and regulations and learn how to prepare your pet too. Cats and dogs can feel something is happening so, they will not be calm and happy as they were before. Each state has different rules about pets and their importing. NY has them too. Add to your moving checklist packing pet’s essential box, finding a vet, etc.

  • Get a health certification, it is important especially if it is a long-distance move. Without proper documentation, you won’t be able to cross the border.
  • Before moving to New York City with pets, take your “friend” to the vet to a general check.
  • Find a pet-friendly neighborhood in NYC and do not worry, because a lot of people have pets there. Moving exotic pets will be more expensive and you will need the required permission. After you get your moving estimate online and with ease, also calculate the costs of pet’s relocation too.
  • Most pets need regular grooming after a while. As a pet owner it is your obligation, so take care of her/him.
  • Pack an essential moving box for your pet. It should include a favorite toy, blanket, water, and food.

Find a good pet mover

It is hard to move a pet by yourself, you already have a lot of obligations. It is possible to move to NY on a tight budget and to hire a reliable company. If you are traveling by plane, you will definitely need a pet carrier.

Sitting with a friend and a dog
Your pet deserves the best care, so get help and enjoy

But, how to find a mover you can trust and give your pet? You cannot just hire anyone to take care of your pet and move it safely. Your “little friend” should have microchip or ID tags when moving, so in the case he’she is lost, you can locate it easily.
Check all details when hiring Big Apple Movers NYC and read reviews form the past clients. In this case, you will need to hire a moving company to transport your moving boxes and your pet too. It is twice of work, so handle it like a pro and organize a stress-free relocation.

Find a new vet in NYC

After you arrive in NYC, find a new vet. Ask for recommendations and ask your current vet for advice and suggest. Moving to New York City with pets is a little bit challenging, but possible with the right help.  Get organized and prepared for your big move to a big city.