Moving to Toronto? Make it fun and enjoyable!

So you have decided on moving to Toronto? That is great! Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It has a great number of career opportunities, excellent nightlife, and amazing monuments and tourist attractions. The city is also filled with music festivals, theaters, and various other cultural institutions. It is the most populous city in Canada so you should get ready to meet a lot of new people. However, if you are planning on moving to Toronto, there is a list of basic steps you need to take in order to make your Toronto move fun and enjoyable.

Prepare yourself

Moving can be extremely demanding both for you and your family. It can drain you mentally and physically. In order to avoid this, you need to properly prepare yourself for the upcoming move. Focus on making a plan for the entire process of relocation. Create a list of things that you need to start packing right away. Talk to your family members about driving around your new neighborhood. Get familiar with the city by visiting its most famous landmarks and explore popular tourist locations. In this way, you are sure to make yourself and your family members more relaxed and comfortable about the entire movie. Visit your new workplace or the new school to get familiar with how things work. The entire process can be done as a road trip so it does not have to be formal or a burden. It will make other tasks such as packing and transporting your belongings to Toronto less worrying.

Making a plan.
Creating a list of things you need to do before you start packing.

Turn packing into a fun activity

Packing can be stressful and time-consuming. For these reasons, you should try and make it as much fun and as interesting as possible. Get your friends to help you pack and make the process of filling up the boxes and moving them a fun game. You can assign different roles to your friends. Each of them will get a certain type of inventory to pack. If you have children you can also organize them to help you pack the easy stuff such as books and kitchen utensils. To avoid being overburdened with the packing process, make sure you do not do it all in one day. Divide the work by splitting your inventory list into several individual segments. You can pack each segment on a different day and thus make it a more relaxing procedure.

Organizing your friends.
Organize your friends and family members while packing.

Hire professionals

This might be the easiest way to make things more enjoyable. By hiring Toronto local movers you can take the free time you have and focus on preparing yourself mentally for the move.  There are many benefits to hiring a moving company that is reliable and professional. An organized moving company is going to help you get things done right on time and safely transport your belongings to your new home. However, in order to truly feel relaxed while professional movers are helping you pack and transport, you need to make sure you hire a good company. Various important things go into picking the right moving company such as price, the number of hired workers, availability, means of transportation, and recommendations. Make sure you have all of these important things checked when picking a moving company.

Organize a garage sale

By organizing a garage sale you will be able to get rid of all of the items you no longer need. These include old pieces of furniture, books, clothing, and much more which can potentially cause burden while packing. The garage sale is also a great way to have fun while also being productive during the moving period. Furthermore, it is a fun activity for children and adults. Organizing a garage sale will also give you more time to spend with your old neighbors and friends.

Get to know your new neighborhood

Before you start panicking about leaving your old neighborhood realize that you will meet many new people in Canada. Getting to know people with whom you will soon share the same street is very important. It can also be fun! Invite them to your new backyard and organize a party. This way you can introduce yourself to new neighbors, get to know others around you, and also expand your knowledge about the neighborhood and the city itself. If you have children they will surely make new friends and turn a worrying experience into a more relaxing and enjoyable process of settling in the new neighborhood. By meeting new people you are also expanding your potential career opportunities and job offers.

Organizing a backyard party when moving to Toronto.
Meet your new neighbors by throwing a backyard party when moving to Toronto.

Take your time with unpacking

The process of moving is done and now you are ready to start decorating your new house and unpacking your boxes. However, before you start getting your hands dirty, make sure to give your family and yourself a day or two to take it all in. The new house is going to be a new environment for you. To avoid it being overwhelming, take your time with the process of unpacking. Start with the easy stuff such as furniture. There will be plenty of time to decide which painting goes best on which side of the bedroom. This way you are also giving yourself more time to decide where will exactly everything go.


To sum up, the process of moving to Toronto can be stressful and overwhelming at times. There are a number of things you can do in order to avoid that. Make a good plan which will be the basis for the entire relocation. Have fun with your friends while packing and moving the boxes around the house. Organize a yard sale to get rid of the items you no longer need. Get familiar with the new neighborhood and the city in general. Go out and explore. Visit restaurants, coffee shops, and cultural institutions such as museums and galleries. Take your time with the entire process of unpacking in order to avoid any unwanted tensions. Give yourself and your family some time to settle in your new home, meet new friends, and get to know your new colleagues. By doing these several basic and easy steps you are guaranteed to make the move to Toronto more fun and enjoyable!