Moving too often – how many times is too many

Moving because of job promotion, moving in with your partner, moving out after a divorce, moving because of the bad climate, moving from a city to the countryside… These are all common reasons why someone moves. But experts say that even when the reason for moving is positive, it is still a painful experience, causing stress and stirring up emotions. So how do you know if you are moving too often? And how to deal with the constant post moving stress? And should you stop moving or just search for your luck elsewhere? Read this text and solve all your doubts about moving too often.

blonde sitting on the wall thinking about moving too often
Are you moving too often?

Should you stay or should you go

Moving means more than just changing address. It means to change a lot of aspects of your life – your surrounding, activity, friends etc. And changes are always difficult even when they lead for the better. So it’s not hard to see that moving can make you restless, sad or even angry. And the decision to move – again – is not any easier. How do you decide what is good for you? And what if not only you depend on your decision to move? Remember, moving contacts always come in handy. A simple answer could be to make a list of pros and cons. So state all the things that make you want to stay on one side, and the ones that make you want to go on the other. But no matter what, giving over to bad feelings can just make things worse. You just have to understand that negative emotions are completely normal and will pass with time.

Avoid frequent movement without a good reason

Of course you have a reason to move. And sometimes the reasons to move can even be entirely out of your control. These reasons include big climate changes, family emergencies or relocating because of your partner getting a promotion in another city. But moving too quickly – and thus too often – just because you don’t like your work environment may just not be a good scenario. You have to decide is the reason you are moving really justified or not. Because even the excitement about moving can cause a lot of stress – along with anticipation about moving. Maybe you’re just afraid of the things that won’t even happen and it’s easier for you to move than to stay. Or you’re just running away from problems. Think about your decision carefully and discuss with others is your reason to relocate really a good one.

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Moving is not just about changing address

Don’t rely on others when moving too often

Are your family and friends used to you moving all over the place all the time? And do you think they are supportive enough? Ok, there has to be a level of understanding here. You have to accept the fact that your dearest ones may not always understand what are you going through. But you have to also accept the fact that they do not need to always be there for you as they have their own life and problems. So don’t expect others to help you out with your constant moving – it’s not fair to them. In this way, you are constantly using their free time and good will. Besides, you will save a lot of more nerves by just hiring the right moving company and just deal with it on your own.

 Where do you fit in

Constant mobility distracts you from stabile responsibilities. These can be parenting and being a good husband, friend, daughter and even a person. The chaos surrounding moving lets you easily slip into worrying about moving instead of focusing on how to be better to your children or your spouse. And the state of uneasiness can overwhelm you. So once you move in, unpack as soon as possible and find a steady ground. Weather this is your job or your relationship, family or children, you have to find a way to feel secure and safe. Feeling like being home doesn’t have to be in the surrounding. It can be in the feeling you create with the things and people you care about.

 But I feel ok

The thing is that people react differently to different situations. Some people may react completely fine to moving too many times. Still, studies show that women have the tendency to feel more bad than men when it comes to moving. This also can lead to depression. The reasons behind moving are also super important. Are you leaving people close to you behind? Are you heading into unknown? Moving too far away? Here are some tips on international moving by pros. Being an extrovert or an introvert also makes a huge difference when it comes to feeling about moving. Do you make friends easily? Do you like to get out much? Adjusting to a new environment takes time. So it may even happen that you feel fine in the beginning and then suddenly (even after a few months!) feel really bad about moving.

moving boxes on the terrace
How do you feel when moving too often

You are always you, no matter where

No matter where you go, you carry yourself with you. So no matter if your moving reasons are justified or not, at the end of the day – you are you. Your problems and your insecurities won’t magically disappear just because you change your home address. The issues you have in your career or your relationships need to be sorted out. Feeling good about yourself means to try to think positive in every situation possible. But this can not always be the option. So knowing that life has its ups and downs and that everything happens for a reason can help you out to understand it’s ok to not feel ok.
Ultimately, don’t blame yourself if you move too often. Feeling not ok is nothing you should be shamed about. The point is to understand that the whole life is a path. And accepting negative emotions is a part of life. So if you want to be grounded, you just have to decide to ground yourself… And maybe experience things you are afraid of. Good luck!