Pros and cons of homeschooling

So many parents have already been there – thinking whether it would be a good idea to opt for homeschooling for their little one. Some find the very idea quite appealing but are not sure if they could cope with all the challenges. On the other hand, some people happily jump on the bandwagon only to find out later on that is was not the best option for them and their family. While homeschooling is a great option and many of us enjoy it tremendously, it’s not suitable for everyone. To minimize the chances of disappointment later on, try to consider as many pros and cons of homeschooling before you make your decision

Mother teaching her child.
Sounds like a great idea, but is it always realistic?

Pro: Customized education fitted to your child’s interests and needs adds more flexibility

At a regular school, the teacher must take everyone’s needs into account. They will move on to the next lesson once the majority of children have mastered the material, so some students will usually stay behind. On the other hand, some kinds will have grasped the particular lesson way faster than the rest of their classmates and will then be bored until the class is ready to move on.
None of this happens when you homeschool. You can take all the time you need to cover the lessons that your child is struggling with. Likewise, you can move on as soon as your child is ready for that. You are free to incorporate your child’s interests into the educational material and make it far more relevant and appealing to the child. It’s to see that one-on-one education has many benefits.
Finally, you can embrace unconventional ways of teaching. That means you could take your child to museums and other places of interest a lot more often. Say you live in South Florida, you only need to google Fun Things to do in South Florida and there you have it – some great ideas about where to take your kid so that you could have both educational and fun times.

Con: Homeschooling can be expensive

You’ll obviously need to buy all the school materials you need. But the story does not end there. If you’re to homeschool your child, you’re going to be a teacher and administrator along with being a parent. All these duties take a lot of time and will eventually take time away from your earning opportunities. Homeschooling often means less income for the family. Make sure you can afford it before you commit.

Will your child be more protected – or overprotected?

Pro: No bullying, no social pressure

At school, your child is put in a position to interact with various children. Some of them are good and kind, others not so much. Many children experience bullying and that can make them struggle with confidence or have other issues later on. Homeschooling your child means he or she gets to pick who they cross paths with.
Choosing their company also helps your child avoid social pressure. Many kids would do anything to get accepted by their peers, which often means compromising their values. Homeschooling gives you the chance to skip that.

Con: The child will have fewer friends and might end up being overprotected

Homeschooled kids usually have fewer friends than their peers from regular schools. Some people also believe that homeschooling makes a childless prepared for real-life problems. Many children that go to school eventually develop mechanisms to deal with social pressure and with not being accepted. Young generations are often considered overprotected anyway and homeschooled children are usually sheltered even more.

Does it mean a healthier lifestyle for the child?
Does it mean a healthier lifestyle for the child?

Pro: Less sedentary lifestyle

It was found that homeschooled children on average lead a less sedentary lifestyle. As a parent who homeschools, you have much more control not only over your child’s education but also over their daily routines and their diet.

Con: Fewer chances for your child to get involved in organized activities and sports games

Homeschooled children do not get a chance to participate in as many organized activities and sports games as children attending regular school. This is not to say there’s no option for your child to join a sports team, it’s just that these options are fewer.

What about time management?

Pro: More time with your child

You will spend more time with your kid and be more involved with their daily life. If done right, this will only strengthen your bond and help your child grow up to be a confident and happy person.

Con: Less time for yourself

If you’re a dedicated parent and spend a lot of time with your child anyway, adding homeschooling on your schedule will leave you with far less time for yourself, your spouse or partner, your career, and friends. It’s a matter of priorities, but you should be aware of this before you start homeschooling. The worst case scenario is that you grow so nostalgic of your previous lifestyle so that you start feeling miserable at some point in time. That would reflect poorly on your child and the whole family. So make sure you can handle it before you go for it.

Are you longing for a nomadic lifestyle?

Pro: Your family can travel or move at any time

This is always an option, but it’s far easier to go for more traveling or consider moving to another city with a homeschooled child. Just a few things to think about:

  • you won’t have to look for a suitable school elsewhere
  • you won’t mess up too much with your child’s daily routine and
  • he or she won’t have a hard time when leaving their class.

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Con: None
Having more options is always an advantage, don’t you think?