Reasons to move to Vancouver from Toronto

Canada is beautiful. That is a fact. Anyone who says different has probably never been to Canada. If you are moving to Canada, you are lucky, wherever you move, you won’t make a mistake because every single town in Canada has something special. When it comes to the beauty of its surroundings Canada is unbeatable. However, if you are moving to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Ontario or maybe Vancouver you should gather information about the city you are moving to so that you know how to enjoy it as much as possible. Your move to Vancouver from Toronto should be well organized. You should know all the good things and the bad things about Vancouver. You came to the right place. Your move to Vancouver from Toronto should be a great experience but before you start packing here is some information about everything you need to know before you move.

Move to Vancouver from Toronto is a great idea
Canada has some of the best sightseeing’s in the world

Move to Vancouver from Toronto is exciting

Whatever the reason is that you are moving from Toronto, Vancouver is a great choice. Whether you are moving because of work, or because of some personal reasons, Vancouver is the best place, because it has pretty much everything you will need. Also, no matter how old are you Vancouver will make you feel welcome. A lot of people say that Vancouver is a great place to spend your youth, because of the great

  • educational system,
  • nightlife,
  • festivals,
  • a mix of cultures,
  • great shopping for any pocket,
  • so many great coffee places and restaurants

and so many other things that will make you feel so grateful that you moved to Vancouver. There is absolutely nothing bad about Toronto, but Vancouver is definitely special. By living in Vancouver, you can experience so many different things. It is a city where you can be yourself without anyone watching you in a weird way or judging you for having a purple hair, a tattoo on your face or a nose piercing.

Vancouver vs. Toronto

When it comes to comparison between Vancouver and Toronto, it is not an easy job. Both cities are beautiful, it is all Canada, so these cities are really pretty. If you have decided to move to Vancouver from Toronto you should know that Vancouver is as great as Toronto. So, nothing to be scared of. By moving to Vancouver, you won’t miss anything much, because these two cities are somewhat very similar by looks and by the lifestyle that people are leading there.

Buildings on a coast of Vancouver
Beautiful Vancouver

The main difference is that Vancouver has an ocean and Toronto has beautiful Ontario lake. So, you cannot lose there. In Vancouver, there are so many beaches to count. When it comes to nightlife is pretty much the same. Both cities can show you some good time and if you feel peckish after dancing all night, there will always be some open diner where you can eat. Maybe now it doesn’t seem like an important information, but when you finish with your night out you will be happy to know that there is a place that works 24/7 where you can enjoy a great meal.

Vancouver beauty

Vancouver is very well known for its beauty. People from all around the world are coming to Vancouver because they have heard that is beautiful. They are not wrong. Vancouver is well known for its environmental policy. Therefore, it is very clean and enjoyable to live in. When it comes to weather in Vancouver it is interesting fact that they have warm summers, so, fun times at the beach are guaranteed. Also, when it comes to winters they are not as strong as in Toronto, or some other Canadian city.
There are winters where you cannot even see snow outside. Not to worry though, Canada is known for its great winters. So, you can always go to some other city or to the mountain. It is a win-win situation when you think about it, you have warm summers where you can enjoy the ocean and then during the winter, you can go out of the city for a ski trip. Sounds fun, right?

Rent or buy in Vancouver

If you are moving from Toronto and you are starting a life in Vancouver you should decide whether to rent or buy a property. Of course, it all depends on your financial situation. If you can, it would be the best if you buy a property, it makes more sense especially if you are planning to stay in Vancouver for good. However, if you want to rent that is good too, you can find affordable and nice apartments for renting in Vancouver that you can decorate how you wish. So, any decision you make can be a good one. Just weigh your pros and cons of buying or renting and make a smart decision.

Pros and cons of living in Vancouver

So far you have found some information on Vancouver and you come to a realization that it is not such a bad decision to move to Vancouver from Toronto. Vancouver has the ocean, which can be the biggest reason of them all. However, there is one reason that may make you change your mind. Vancouver is expensive to live in. You can still find an affordable place to live in, and a great job since there are great job opportunities in Vancouver.

Vancouver at night
Living in Vancouver is very exciting

When it comes to choosing between two Canadian cities there is not much space to choose wrongly. Canada is a beautiful country and it is all about finding the right city for you and your family. That can be hard since there are so many beautiful cities where you can have a great family or single life. However, one city has it all and it’s Vancouver. So moving there is one of the best ideas you can have.