Toronto as seen through the NYC newcomers’ eyes

New York is usually at the top of the list of places that people want to visit or live in. There are many reasons for it given that it is truly one of a kind city. However, if you are situated in NYC and you are looking to move or visit a city that is also a melting pot of cultures, Toronto just might be the right place for you. Therefore, we are going to talk about Toronto as seen through the NYC newcomers’ eyes in this short article.

Basically, living and working in NYC can be likened to an abusive relationship at times, according to New Yorkers. NYC has a lot to offer to its residents but is also stressful and overwhelming at times. On the other hand, Toronto is a bustling city with its own fair share of exciting characteristics that is easily on a par with NYC. In addition, many entrepreneurs have decided to expand their NYC business to Toronto. Let us take a look at what these characteristics are.

The air quality in Toronto is superb

Walking the streets of New York can seem less dreamlike when you encounter smells coming from sewers, alleys, and dumpsters. In fact, New York is notorious for its unresolved and inefficient city sanitation. Entering the NYC subway is also exposure to a collection of smells and odors that are highly unpleasant.

Unline NYC, seeing piles of trash on the sidewalks is unheard of in Toronto. This makes Toronto automatically a more inviting and enjoyable city. Although it happens that you can sense sewer gas on certain corners in the city, it is largely a clean, unpolluted city with great air quality for such a large metropolitan area.

Toronto skyline
Toronto is a fairly clean and unpolluted city.

If you are already sold on the idea of moving to Toronto for good, we recommend you hire a long-standing, trustworthy company such as One of the reasons you might want to consider hiring a moving company is the fact that moving from NYC to Toronto requires advanced logistics, vehicles, and equipment in order to be successful.

Having fun in Toronto as seen through the NYC newcomers’ eyes

As a New Yorker, you are already familiar with the fact that partying and having fun is a luxury only few can afford in New York. Unsurprisingly, Toronto is much cheaper in this respect. If you have a job in Toronto, you probably earn almost the same as any New Yorker in the same job position earns.

This means that you have the same amount of money in a city where restaurants, clubs, museums, and other fun activities cost significantly less than in New York. Accordingly, many people have decided to relocate from NYC to Toronto in recent years. In case you decide to do so as well, be sure to hire a team of skilled people to assist you when you start packing your things for the big move.

The city of Toronto, downtown
Living in Toronto is never dull.

Living and renting in Toronto as seen through the NYC newcomers’ eyes

Most Toronto apartments do not exude the charm that pre-war buildings in NYC have. However, most New Yorkers will appreciate having a balcony, access to the building’s roof deck, gym, pool, etc. In fact, most residential buildings have a concierge at the entrance, which is, let’s face, as neat as it gets!

So, you can forget about NYC’s shabby apartments with cockroaches, bed bugs, and lousy heating. In fact, Canadians know about cockroaches only based on lessons in biology textbooks. Add Toronto’s clean, beautiful streets to the equation, and you get an overall wholesome, wonderful city.

Renting or purchasing a home in Toronto

Rents and mortgage payments in Toronto are significantly lower than in Manhattan or Brooklyn. In fact, Canadians find paying $2000 dollars a month for a single bedroom apartment in the city center unbelievably costly.

This is also true of property values. Purchasing a million-dollar property in downtown NYC is almost unheard of. In contrast, you are able to purchase a Toronto three-bedroom house situated near a subway station for this amount. Also, if you do not have a loan history on Canadian soil, a newcomer can easily purchase a property with a measly 3% mortgage rate.

If you decide to relocate from NYC to Toronto so that you can enjoy living in these conditions, it is most efficient if you hire a moving company that specializes in an international relocation. An experienced moving company that does international moves will help you get there easily, without worrying about your belongings and time schedule.

toronto sign in downtown toronto
Toronto is one of the most livable cities in Canada and beyond.

There is no such thing as a long commute in Toronto

So, the rent is cheaper, monthly expenses are cheaper, and the air is fresh. But there is more. When you visit or live in Toronto, you do not have to worry about spending time in the cramped subway cars. So, swap the 45-minute NYC commute for a 45-minute stroll or 10-minute subway ride to reach any part of Toronto.

Also, Canadians never wait in a subway station for more than 4 minutes. What’s more, it never happens that you have to miss three trains because the cars are crowded. But, if you do not feel like entering the Toronto subway at all, you are able to do so because this city has a well-developed bicycle culture.

Essentially, Toronto as seen through the NYC newcomers’ eyes is a place that is fun, exciting, and hospitable in every imaginable way.