Tips for unpacking with a baby

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences that you can have in your life. The process can be complicated and hard to go through. But consider moving with a baby. Moving with a baby adds an additional variable to the whole process. Babies during the move can make it even more stressful and complicated. They require attention and special care. At the time when you are in a logistics nightmare, you have to take special care of the baby. So, how to handle the move then. What are the tips for unpacking with a baby? How to handle it and be successful?

Moving with a baby

Let’s face it, babies are not experienced in moving. They can’t adapt and they tend to stick to their own schedule. Moving and unpacking with a baby means that you have to adapt to them. In order to make it easier, faster, and less stressful you have to prepare your move and unpacking so that it plays well with the baby’s needs.

Baby sleeping in a a crib
Try to unpack the nursery first or create a safe place for the baby out of the way

So, be sure to organize your move to suit the baby. Also, try to start early and move some of the baby’s stuff and do some childproofing before the moving day if possible. In this way, the new place will be ready for the baby. This means to:

  • Unpack the nursery
  • Unpack the essential baby things
  • Respect the babies routine
  • Get help and contain the baby

First, unpack the nursery

If it is possible make arrangements to move and unpack the nursery first. Organize this with the movers and make sure that the babies’ room is packed last and unpacked first. This will help you put the baby down in a safe environment and out of the way while you work. If this is not an option make sure to create a safe place out of the way where you can put the baby down and be sure that it is safe.

Teddy bear in a cardboard box
Essentials to keep the baby taken care of and distracted should be packed and always handy

Pack the essentials

Having everything you need for the baby handy is essential. You will have a less stressful move if you have everything handy. So pack an essentials bag with diapers, wipes, pajamas, pacifiers, and other essentials. Also make sure you pack favorite toys, dolls, and books for the move. Having these things handy will help you distract the baby. Having a quiet baby that does not require too much attention will leave you more time to unpack and settle in. Also, pack snacks and food so they are ready to go if needed.

Baby routine

The baby can’t adapt to your moving schedule so learn to be flexible while unpacking. Be prepared to put off some tasks if the baby requires it. Also, prepare to unpack and work during the baby nap time. You won’t be able to complete anything while the baby is active. So, understand that you must follow the baby’s routine while you unpack.

Kids feet sticking out of a cardboard box
If you do everything right you will have you baby and home unpacked in no time

Get help

Accept the fact that you cant handle this process yourself. Get help from friends and family or hire a baby sitter to keep the baby distracted. This will free you to unpack fast and help you stay organized through the moving process. Make sure to ask for tips for unpacking from the people you know..

In conclusion

Moving with a baby can be difficult and add some stress to an already stressful moving situation. However, it can be done. Just follow the tips for unpacking, organize, and prioritize to accommodate the baby and its needs.