Things to consider before moving from Toronto to Oxford, MS

International move from Canada to the US is complex. Long-distance moves usually are. In this case, the change between the two countries is considerable. Especially if you are moving from Toronto to Oxford Mississippi the change will take some time to get used to. With such a considerable move and change there are some things you should consider before moving. Here is what you will need to know.

Mississippi, Oxford

The Magnolia State has a rich history and it preserves the old spirit of the South. It is welcoming, offers diverse and developed cities as well as farmlands, pristine nature, historical locations, and a great education system. The state is very affordable and popular, experiencing an inflow of people. The destinations for newcomers are different but for educational purposes, the City of Oxford is very popular.

The city view you can enjoy after moving from Toronto to Oxford.
Oxford Mississippi has a lot to offer and is experiencing an influx of people

Oxford in Mississippi is considered to be the cultural mecca. The city has an old school charm and has a long and rich history. Its community is creative and artistically oriented. The city is home to the University of Mississippi and is a magnet for students and young people from all around the US. Oxford is very affordable with great job opportunities and superb schooling. This is why more and more young professionals are seeking professionals to help them with their move. Even for local moves, in short distances, it is wise to seek professionals to help you settle in easily.

What else to know before moving from Toronto to Oxford?

Oxford like all of Mississippi has its particular charm. However, each city is different and you should research a bit. The truth is that Oxford has a long and rich history which gives it charm and beauty. It is a city with a predominantly young population. Over 30% of the residents are young professionals that are moving in. Low unemployment, job growth, affordable housing, and living expenses are drawing people in and causing population growth. Families also preferer Oxford due to a high-rated schooling system. So if you are moving in from Canada, Oxford can be the right place to settle into.

With this in mind some of the best neighborhoods to settle in are:

  • The University
  • The Square
  • Lamar Park Area
  • Medical District
  • Grand Oaks
A road in Mississippi
History, heritage and beautiful nature are the hallmarks of Oxford, MS

Moving in from Toronto

Moving to Oxford from Toronto will be quite a change. The weather will be a shock. You will have to adapt to long humid summers which is a great change from Toronto. However, it is easy to get used to diverse cities and towns, open and friendly people, and neighborhoods. Diversity of people, music, food, religion, and soul are unparalleled and will require some adaptation. Fascinating nature and the was outdoor spaces are perfect for outdoor and recreational activities. So, before you enlist Spyder Moving to help with your long-distance relocation get to know Oxford and consider some of its aspects.

Make sure you research Oxford in detail and learn as much as you can. It will help you prepare for the change and adapt to your new surroundings more easily once your moving from Toronto to Oxford comes to its end. Research and learn more and it will surely help your transition.