Toronto movers guide I: Toronto districts

As a platform that intends to give different types of information to both, movers within Toronto, and also movers to Toronto, ’Toronto Local Movers Guide’ team is going to publish articles about neighbourhoods in Toronto over couple next weeks, as a Toronto movers guide.
There are 6 districts in Toronto, and officially 140 neighbourhoods (unofficially the number goes up to 240) set into those districts. What Toronto movers guide is going to do in orther to make a valuable Toronto movers guide, is to pick the top Toronto neighborhoods, based on the information that we got from the inhabitants of those neighborhoods, and give you the picture of what it looks like to live in each of them, so it would be easier for you to make the decision the decision which  part of Toronto to pick to move to.
Here is the list of 6 districts in Toronto:

  • Old Toronto
  • East york
  • Scarborough
  • North York
  • Etobicoke
  • York

At the beginning of this Toronto movers guide, we are going to roughly present these 6 districts one by one, and over time, we will present the best neighborhoods for each of them, fulfilling the information of each district,  with the characteristics of neighborhoods that we used for their comparison, explained in brief, so you will get the picture why each of them found the place on our list of top 50 neighborhoods to move to in Toronto.

odl-torontoToronto movers guide:

Old Toronto

Toronto movers guide information No 1 about Old Toronto: The Old Toronto is the name that refers to the old city of Toronto, and its boundaries in the period from the 1967-1997 year.  It is now the downtown of larger Toronto unity, in boundaries of Toronto as known today.
This district is also known as the south district or central district. Being that old town used to be known as the city of fashion, it is also called The fashion district today. There were three city wards named after protectors of all three British nations St. George (English protector), St. Andrew (Scotish protector), and St. David (protector of Wales), but today these names exist only as subway stops.
For geographical use, Old Toronto is divided into four subdistricts: Downtown Core, East end, North End and West End. We will divide neighbourhoods also by these four sub-districts, so the Toronto movers guide would give you the exact information of every little segment of Old Toronto, and by that enable you to make a wise decision about where to move to in Toronto.

 east-yoirkeToronto movers guide:

East Yorke

The Don river divides this district into two separate parts. Southeast is the traditional East York, while on the north-west are neighbourhoods of Leaside, Bennington Heights and Thorncliffe park.
Originally, East Yorke was the eastern part of York Township, until it was divided into Toronto, Leaside and Northern Toronto in 1922. Because of this, and later events, citizens of East York felt they were neglected, and therefore voted to start a new township, this time named East York, which was incorporated on January 1, 1924, and their history, not at the same form of course, still lasts. Follow the next part of Toronto movers guide to find out what else is important to know about East Yorke, beside that it is a city of a long history.

scarboroughToronto movers guide:


            Scarborough is actually a part of the Toronto city that grew from rural villages. Scarborough is named after an English town of the same name back in 1796. It became part of the Metropolitan Toronto in 1953. Originally, it was a suburb of Old Toronto, while it was the independent city. Scarborough constantly grew, and finally achieved the status of the city in 1983. After that it was incorporated in Toronto in 1998, so now it is officially the Toronto district.
 Scarborough is a multinational and diverse district, because of which it is one of most popular parts of Toronto for newcomers, so, if you are planning on coming to Toronto from another city, country or even continent, this information from Toronto movers guide, among others that you will be further provided with. you might consider important while thinking of where to move In Toronto.

north-yorkeToronto movers guide:

North Yorke

Originally, North York was the northern part of York Township. The first appearance of North York solidly, was in 1922 when it got the status of Township. Later on, it was included in Metropolitan Toronto in 1954 and became a city in 1979. It had the closest links to Old Toronto, so it grew the fastest of all parts of Toronto. In 1998, it was incorporated in the new town of Toronto.
Toronto movers guide notification: The most of North York inhabitants were not born in Canada, 57% of them. That is why people choosing where to move in Toronto might consider this district too because it would make it easier to blend in if there are already big differences among the citizens of this part of Toronto.

etobicokeToronto movers guide:


The first settlers from Europe came in Etobicoke in 1790. It constantly grew, and starting as a just group of several independent villages, it became a city during the 20th century.
You could say that Etobicoke is the world in small space because it is that diverse in ethnicity that here you can find living to each other the most various group of people. One of the most important information from Toronto movers guide about Etobicoke is that almost everybody lives here, including Africans, Europeans, Indians, Asians etc. Considering that, wouldn’t one of Etobicoke neighbourhoods be a good place to pick, when deciding where to move in Toronto?

yorkToronto movers guide:



The last district, but certainly not less important than any other mentioned. It grew into the city over time, started by joining several villages, some of which still exist as neighbourhoods, such as Lambton Mills and Weston. The Township of York was joined in Western Canada in 1850. In 1998, York joined the other districts and formed the unity of Toronto.
Toronto movers guide note:York Township was a home of one of the first Black communities, formed by settlers from African American slaves, and probably because of that York still has the highest percentage of a black population of all 6 Toronto districts.
The aforementioned basic presentation of districts of Toronto is just the beginning of what Toronto movers guide intends to do, and that is to closely present to you each district completely, together with the best neighbourhoods to move to, when considering moving into Toronto, or moving within Toronto.

Toronto movers guide checklist


  • Old Toronto, Toronto movers guide tip- It is former territory of the city of Toronto
  • East Yorke, Toronto movers guide tip- East Yorke is a city of a long history
  • North Yorke, Toronto movers guide tip- The most of North York inhabitants were not born in Canada, 57% of them.
  • Etobicoke, Toronto movers guide tip- Almost everybody lives in Etobicoke, including Africans, Europeans, Indians, Asians etc.
  • York, Toronto movers guide tip- York still has the highest percentage of a black population of all 6 Toronto districts