Toronto movers guide II: Neighbourhoods to move to in Old Toronto

Being that everybody basically knows main advantages and disadvantages of Toronto, which is normal for anyone considering to move to it, or anyone living in it, we are not going to repeat those widely known things. What we learned, during all those years of moving people and helping them move, is that the most important thing of all is to get to know the very place you are going to move to. That means to get to know the neighbourhood that you are planning to move to. Knowing advantages and disadvantages, relationships among neighbours, and basic information considering moving to that place would be a great plus for you, so you would not loose time on all those things you can learn on the web. That is where we show up and give you reasons to move to each of neighbourhoods we recommend, and basic facts about each neighbourhood in each district of Toronto. We will start today with the neighbourhoods of Old Toronto to move to, and we will use the following criteria to classify the neighbourhoods:

  • Housing– We strived to choose places with affordable homes for most of the people, based on both-renting and buying.
  • Crime– Only neighbourhoods with low crime rates were acceptable to find place on the list of top neighbourhoods to move to in Old Toronto
  • Transit– Neighbourhoods were classified by time spent in transportation- less time lost on this, better position on the list
  • Schools– Availability of good schools. That doesn’t mean necessarily that the very neighbourhood has to have good school, but it means that school is at acceptable distance, so children could reach it without problem
  • Health– Institutions where you could solve health issues. Again not necessarily in the neighbourhood, but near it
  • Employment– Those neighbourhoods with the top number of jobs offered are the best to be picked!



Top recommended neighbourhood in Old Toronto for families with children

Toronto Casa Loma

Casa Loma got the name after a castle, constructed and built for more than 3 milion$, and after that given to the city by its debt-laden owner. Casa Loma is a place where happen almost no crimes, and even when some crime happen, it is almost no worth mentioning. It has the healthy population with more that friendly relationship between each other. It is very well connected to other parts of the city, and to other parts of a country. The only thing that could be claimed bad is the entertainment in this neighbourhood because there is none. Luckily, it is near to neighbours with plenty of restaurants and bars, and this make Casa Loma the top neighbourhood to move to in Toronto, being that it has every of aforementioned criteria at high level, and the one that is low, the entertainment, is not important, because you can have fun close by.


Top neighbourhood in Old Toronto to move to for healthcare
Yonge-Ellington was only a village when it was first settled by Europeans.One of the things that it is known by is that it was the first city in North America to extend the use of cowbells and to use it to all the cattle. This was honoured by naming one of local streets ‘Cowbell lane’ in 1837.
It has high result in every of criteria we used to pick the top neighbourhoods to move to in Old Toronto, 60%+ fulfilling our requirements, especially by the transit and the healthcare, where it fulfils over 80%. What is a big plus, comparing to Casa Loma is that it has many things to offer for entertainment! The real estate market is very busy in this part of Toronto, there is a constant rise in demand, and also in prices(rise of 11% a year) which make this neighbourhood interesting for investors in real estate too, making all together one of the top neighbourhoods to move to in Old Toronto.

Forest Hill

Neighbourhood to move to in Old Toronto for people seeking higher salaries

Toronto Forest Hill
Toronto Forest Hill

Forest Hill was an independent village, all until 1967, when it was amalgamated in Toronto and became a neighbourhood in this city, keeping the name, only this time as a neighbourhood. It is one of the wealthiest parts of all neighbourhoods in Toronto. Many business people, doctors and lawyers found their homes here, in Forest Hill. The information that the average income in this neighbourhood is 101.000$, compared to the 41.000$ average of Toronto, speaks for itself, proving this part to be one of the wealthiest.
It has high grades in every of required criterion, scoring over 60% in each. The only thing to mention, that was unacceptable for young people, was that the entertainment here is almost dead. Luckily, it has good connections to other territories, so it doesn’t make that big a deal, comparing to other important things that it fulfils. All in all, being that the only thing that does not fulfil expectations are having fun, and it is even not on our list, this neighbourhood deserves to be named one of the top neighbourhoods to move to in Old Toronto.

Lawrence Park

Top neighbourhood in Old Toronto for all characteristics

Lawrence Park was the underdevelopped area all until the World War II. But, on contrary to that, it was ranked the wealthiest neighbourhood in all of Canada in 2011, therefore the wealthiest neighbourhood in Old Toronto. Although there are various kinds of houses in Lawrence park, do not get tricked. As we said, it is the wealthiest neighbourhood in all of Canada. The average resale price of homes in 2011 was over 2 million dollars!!!
This neighbourhood has everything you might ask for. It has over 68% of fulfilment of every criterion we asked to be fulfilled. It has the good connection to other parts of the city, good healthcare, schools acceptable for all categories, and also, besides everything, it also has some kind of entertainment, enough to have fun in a couple of ways. The only disadvantage for this neighbourhood are the prices of homes and rentals. Because of that, mostly wealthy people live here, and it doesn’t seem like it will be affordable to people of average income in the predictable period of time. That doesn’t mean that it is not recommended to people to move here, because it is definitely the top neighbourhood to move to in Old Toronto, only, you need to have a large amount of money.
We mentioned here some of the neighbourhoods that we recommend as top to move to in Toronto. The most important thing about them is that top 3 neighbourhoods in Old Toronto are actually top 3 neighbourhoods in all of Toronto, by these parameters that we set. By characteristics, all 4 of them are top in Toronto, but being that we write these articles for people od average funds, Lawrence Park doesn’t fit in that, so it is a couple of places lower on the list of top places for all of Toronto. Keep following us, new stories about Toronto are soon to come!!!