Ways to transport cargo from Saudi Arabia to Canada

The world is becoming smaller and smaller year by year. Today we have a multitude of people traveling the world almost all year round. Places that were once distant are our regular places where we travel to do business, move to, or work. One relation that is becoming frequently connected by people traveling is between Canada and Saudi Arabia. Cargo follows people and the freight connection is developing. If you are moving to Canada from Saudi Arabia or you are moving cargo, you may be concerned about the ways of handling your cargo transport. You have a couple of options to choose from. We present to you some of the best ways to transport cargo you certainly want to consider.

Overseas cargo transport – available options

Canada and Saudi Arabia are separated by a vast expanse of both ocean and land. The distance is great so, to cover them, there are three options for cargo transport:

  • by air freight
  • transport by sea freight and
  • by land freight
A harbor with shipping containers, as shipping is one of the best ways to transport cargo.
Each of the transport options has its downsides.

Each of these options has its own up and downsides. So it is good to research them to find what is right for you. You must also know that there are many operators offering these services and specializing in cargo transport over a vast distance between Canada and SA. Many of them including fourwinds-ksa.com strive to provide efficient, affordable, and quick service. So, do your research to find the right fit for your needs.

What to know about shipping options

Land freight is one of the options for transporting cargo in this relationship but it is rarely used. This type usually comes into play depending on where in Canada you are transporting your cargo.

Dominant ways of transport are by air and sea.


Airfreight is the fastest way of transporting your belongings or goods from Saudi Arabia to Canada. Even if it doesn’t take a direct flight, this is the fastest way. The key aspect here is speed. Usually, air transport between these countries takes 4 days to complete. This way to transport cargo is the most expensive. You may end up paying a fortune for transport costs alone.

A plane being loaded with cargo
Airfreight may be the fastest option but it is expensive.

Sea freight

Sea freight seems to be the most affordable way of transport. The price of transport depends on many factors but it all comes down to weight. To be truthful this form of transport is very expensive but it still costs a fraction of the price of air freight. The affordable cost means that this might be the most convenient option for transporting cargo. In addition, sea freight offers the opportunity of transporting a lot more cargo in one shipment than by air.

The only disadvantage of this way of transporting is the time the trips takes to complete. Usually, transport lasts for 50 days. This is caused by the fact that cargo ships carry hundreds of containers that have to be shipped to different destinations meaning that there will be a lot of stops along the way. But this aside sea freight can be a great way to save money on transport.

A cargo ship at sea
If you can afford to wait for the shipment and want to save money then sea freight is the right choice for you

So, these are the ways of transporting cargo between Canada and Saudi Arabia. You can choose the right one that will suit your needs to the fullest. Once you decide on the right way, also consider additional options like Full Container Load or Less than Full container. Also, research and consider other options that are best for you.