Moving from Canada to Connecticut – guide to online house hunting

Relocations to another country are often tricky. There are things you need to sort out but can’t visit the new city a lot. One of these tasks is finding a home. Picking a home without browsing them in person is what makes people worried and confused. But, you’re in luck – online house hunting isn’t impossible, and this guide will help you start this process with some useful tips. Let’s begin your move from Toronto by finding a new home!

Browse trusted resources during online house hunting

When doing any important task online, it is essential to stay within the borders of the safe internet. This means you should browse homes on trusted, well-known websites such as or Zillow. Trusting everything you see online is one of the biggest house-hunting mistakes. This is a much safer way to find a home you like without being dissatisfied in the end.

a person holding a house key
Contact only reliable real estate pros to make sure you’re dealing with trusting sources.

Stay up-to-date

To avoid wasting time and getting disappointed, it’s essential to check the listings by the time they were updated. Only the latest, frequently updated listings should be on your radar, so you can be really sure that the homes you like are still available.

Stay flexible

Finding a perfect home is almost impossible. It is essential to make the list of do’s and don’ts, however, try to stay flexible with your requirements. Explore the homes less strictly, and focus on the most important features that meet your requirements and plans for life in Connecticut. However, even if you move, and later find that the house or the city is not right for you – it’s easy to relocate somewhere else. It’s good to know that professionals are at your disposal any time, so you can relocate safely to any other city in the country.

Require virtual tours

Unfortunately, pictures you find online can be a bit deceiving. Even though a seller is not misrepresenting a certain room in the house, they might keep the camera away from the less-attractive parts of the home. Luckily, the internet has given us the opportunity to enjoy virtual tours, and get a more detailed look at home. Therefore, you’ll be able to see better if you like it or not or notice some good or bad things you couldn’t see in pictures. Furthermore, you can do other important tasks online like shopping for new furniture, signing documents, etc. Save time and money!

a neighborhood seen from aerial view
Even the most beautiful homes can have a flaw – don’t trust the pictures only.

The final decision

It’s true that online house hunting is much easier these days. However, you shouldn’t base your decision on only what you can see online. Before making the final decision and making the offer, it is best you travel to the USA and make sure you’re buying your dream home. Even the most perfect properties you see online can turn out to be unsuitable for your family, which you can check only by visiting and checking the place in person.