Canadian family’s guide to Texas – best places for your new home

Nowadays people relocate more often than before. It seems much easier to change your life and move to a new place you can call home. But is every new home a perfect one? Making the right choice about the place you will settle in is a serious decision. Especially when your whole family moves with you. So, you need to make a thorough research. And, we think we have a good starting point for you. Say hello to Texas, the second-largest state in the United States of America. Situated in the south part of the country, it offers a number of different cities and neighborhoods. If you want to choose the best, just follow our Canadian family’s guide to Texas- the best places for your new home.

1. Arlington- a perfect combination

Arlington is a pretty popular place for living. The fact that it is the seventh most populated city in Texas says a lot about that. It has all the advantages one big city can offer, and still manage to keep the perfect small-town atmosphere everyone is looking for. If you are a serious family person, searching for a good and well-paid job, think no more and pack your bags right now. This city is the right choice. Professionals in many fields are always welcomed since numerous well-known companies have their seats exactly in Arlington. What’s more, your children will get excellent educational opportunities, no doubts, especially when it comes to University studies.

A man in a suit is sitting in front of a laptop holding  mobile phone.
Control your finances- find a job.

2. Schertz- one of the best places for your new home in Texas

Here we are talking about one of the top 20 most popular family-oriented cities in Texas. It has everything that one tranquil small town needs to have. Schertz’s peaceful lifestyle, strong community feel, economic stability, and extremely low crime rate make this Texas town an excellent place for raising your children. Housing is pretty affordable as well. It is possible to find a decent family home for as low as $150,000. And when you hear that the unemployment rate in Schertz is considerably low, and that workforce is required in various industries and fields, you will understand why the number of families coming to Schertz is in constant growth. With the welcoming neighbors, friendly town atmosphere, and well-organized local movers- since the area has experts available anytime– making you feel at home in this fantastic city will be no problem at all.

3. New Braunfels- the top education quality

If you are looking for a kind of place where your children will get the best of their education, the Canadian family’s guide to Texas takes you to an excellent place for your new home- New Braunfels. People who live there say that this city has set pretty high standards when it comes to both public and private education. On the other hand, it is good to mention that in the last several years New Braunfels’ population had been in constant growth. Its successful job market and active economy made this city a place with a promising future. It has everything one big city can give, but it somehow managed to keep that appealing small-town charm. With its beautiful parks and a variety of outdoor activities, New Braunfels is a real family town.

So, don’t miss your chance! Organize your New Braunfels move right away, and, of course, don’t forget to reach out to people who can help you, if you want to do it all stress-free.

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Take care of your children’s future.

4. Austin- the Texas capital

For all the people who are looking forward to moving to one of the world’s capitals with their families, Austin is probably the best option. A unique city with a special kind of energy spreading over its streets. Austin’s charm attracts people from all over the world. Therefore, it is not strange that its population is increasing every single year. And if you think a busy city like this can never be appropriate for raising a family, you can stay calm and move your home to Austin with your heads trouble-free. This capital is named the second safest large city in the whole United States of America. You and your family will have a nice and interesting life here, and your kids will become well-educated young people in a promising city.

There is a cityscape of Austin, one of the best places for your new home in Texas.
Find a place where your beloved ones will be happy.

5. Southlake- an affordable place for your new home in Texas

Now let’s meet the city with the lowest family poverty rate in the state. The financial aspect is sometimes one of the crucial factors when people with families are looking for a new home. That’s why this Canadian family’s guide suggests Southlake as one of the most appropriate places for your new home. As a wealthy city, Southlake shows a considerably high average income per household. Moreover, when you know that the housing costs there are more than affordable, you will have no second thoughts about settling down your family nest in Southlake. And once you start looking for some reliable relocation experts, remember that Evolution Moving probably has everything you may need.

6. Keller- last but not least

Finally here comes the last suggestion on our shortlist of the Texas family cities. Keller is the one which is ranked high in the terms of schools and education, and low in terms of crime and violence. A well-shaped combination for all those parents who worry about their children’s safe future. So, if you have decided that now is the right time for your move, choose wisely and create a healthy growing environment for your little ones. Make sure they will enroll in the best schools and that they will have a safe and happy childhood.

Now is your turn. The aim of this Canadian family’s guide to Texas with the best places for your new home was to offer several interesting options you should consider. But the decision is yours. Hope you will find what you want.