What to do in Toronto during winter

You’ve just moved to Toronto, and you’re facing the first Canada winter.
Toronto during winter can be a little bit difficult for the newcomers, but it’s also so much fun.
There’s a lot of perks of living in Toronto, so get the best of what this town has to offer, regardless of the cold weather.

How cold is Toronto during winter?

For someone who’s coming from Alabama or California, temperatures around 5 degrees are enough to make them shiver. In Canada, they symbolize the beginning of the spring. If you have moved to Toronto from Europe, especially from the part of the continent that has harsh winters, you will manage just fine.
Nevertheless, many think that temperatures in Canada are going extremely low, but that’s not the case with Toronto. Average temperatures on winter are at the range from -10 to -1 degrees. On January the fifth this year, Toronto has broken its record for the lowest temperature – at the morning the temperatures stood at -23 C. That’s very low, but it’s the exception.
It was a precedent since the winter this year was very harsh in all parts of the world. Just remember the cold wave that hits Florida at the same time this year.
One thing is for sure – there will be snow. A lot of it. You shouldn’t see that as a problem. That’s mean that you can enjoy the white Christmas and a lot of outdoor snowy activities.

Snow during the Toronto winter is a common thing.
Toronto during winter is covered in snow, but that’s one of its charms.

So, it’s not freezing cold, but you’ll have to have some winter gear:

  • Winter jacket – Choose the jacket that you’ll be comfortable with wearing almost daily. Good winter jacket will protect your body and keep you warm. Winter jackets cost a lot of money, but if you buy a good one, it will last for years to come. It’s the crucial part of the winter gear, so don’t be afraid to splurge on it.
  • Winter boots – The ice that you don’t see at a first glace can be life-threatening. That’s why the pair of high-quality boots should be at the top of your shopping list. They should be warm, waterproof and they shouldn’t be slippery. If your feet are in wet socks, your toes will freeze instantly.
  • Gloves – the best for the cold weather the ones with the lining to keep out the cold. Hand knit gloves are cute, but might not do a great job of keeping your hands warm. If you cant live without your phone, there are touchscreen gloves, which allow you to text while wearing gloves.
  • Winter cap – Toque, beanie, or hat, it doesn’t matter what you decide to put on your head. Importing thing is that you do cover your head and ears. Going without protection on Canada winter can cause a hard headache, ear inflammation, or in the best case, a bad cold.
  • Thick scarf – Neck is very sensitive to the cold, so it needs a good protection on the low temperatures. Thick, warm scarf, will also protect your throat and your longs.

There are many shopping spots in Toronto where you can get your winter gear. Once you’re wearing the right clothes, and you’re warm and cozy, you can start exploring the great activities that Toronto during winter has to offer.

Proper winter clothes is essential for exploring Toronto during the winter.
Proper winter clothes will keep you warm while you are exploring Toronto during winter.

Activities in Toronto during the winter

It may be very cold outside, it may be windy, it may be snowing – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have great fun.
Toronto is a very urban city that in the winter can be a real wonderland.
Night skating at Harbourfront
Before you’ve moved to Toronto, you have probably done your homework and you know which are the best neighborhoods in this town.  Almost every part of Toronto has its skating rink, but the one at Harbourfront is very special. Every Saturday night Harbourfront brings in local and international DJs to set the mood at its Natrel Rink. You can enjoy night skating form 8 to 11 pm while listening to the best music hits.
Party outdoors on skates, what can be more fun?

Enjoy magnificent Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are beautiful, but they are not easy to make. If you’ve ever wondered how the artist does it then you should check the annual Bloor-Yorkville Iciest. Here you can watch artist transform blocks of ice into the fantastic art pieces.

Ride bicycle on snow

If you are a fan of cycling, there’s no need to wait for the spring. Riding the bicycle on the snow and explore the scenic routes throughout Toronto during winter is an amazing experience. You don’t have to invest in improving your bike – special winter bikes tires are available to rent. Snow cycling can be even more fun with other people – there are groups rides most Saturdays. It’s also the great way to make friends in Toronto.

Riding bicycle is a great way to get to know Toronto during winter.
Bike riding in Toronto during winter is a special and unforgettable experience.

Winter festivals

The city of Toronto during the winter organizes many interesting festivals. Theatre Festival, Film Festival, Toronto Light Festival, Music festival, Skating festival… There are so many of them, that you’ll have problem choosing which one to visit.

Explore a new sport

Toronto during the winter is a perfect place to start some new sports activity.
If you are a good skater, you can try to train hockey. It’s very hard and rough sport, but it’s also very thrilling.
Since hockey demands a good physical fitness, maybe the curling will suit you more. It looks like an easy sport to master, but it’s full of challenges. Sweeping can be a lot of fun, and it sounds like a piece of cake but you’ll need an understanding of geometry, teamwork, and strength. Check your community clubs and rinks and find out when is the trail out for beginners.

Curling is great way to pass time in Toronto during winter.
Curling is a fun and interesting winter sport.

Toronto is a modern city that transforms into the magical place during the winter months. It has so much to offer, and these activities will make you fall in love with it even more.