Moving to Toronto as newlyweds

So, you got married. You are happy, everything is rainbows and butterflies. The wedding day was beautiful, but it’s over and now you have to think about the future. You made a decision about moving to Toronto with your spouse, and it’s one of the best decisions in your life, after your decision to get married to the person you love of course.

Get prepared

First thing first, you need to collect as much of information about you moving to Toronto as possible. You do want to know where are you going to live with your partner. You should know exactly what you need from documents, and you should explore their law. I know that this brings a cloud over your newlywed days but you have decided to move to one of the most interesting cities in Canada and therefore you should know everything there is to know about Toronto. Also, if you prepare yourself in a timely manner there will much less pressure for you two, once you get there. I don’t need to mention that you both need to check your papers, and don’t forget your marriage certificate now that you have one.   And remember its always better to have more documentation on you than you need than to lack some important paper.
Moving to Toronto has a lot of fun perks. There are a lot of fun places in Toronto where you can go party all night or just wine and dine. Whatever you prefer. Now that you are newlyweds you will probably want to go low key, but not necessarily. The fact that you are married now doesn’t mean that you should stop going out. There are a lot of clubs that can please any music genre taste. Let’s name a few:

  • Rebel,
  • Figures,
  • Early Mercy

And these are just a few of numerous clubs where you can enjoy yourself. There is basically a club for any mood that you are in.

Bar with all sort of drinks
              Awesome nightlife in Toronto

Only bring necessary

Now that you are moving to Toronto you have to figure out what do you need from your old place. You shouldn’t bring everything you own with you, especially now that you are married and your closet became double its size. So why not do the smart thing and maybe sell some of those things you don’t need. Or just give some of those things to your friends. You can always create a yard sale. One of the smartest ways to sell some things and earn some money. Also, what’s Internet for if not for selling unnecessary things through it.  You can never have enough money when you are in process of moving to another country or city.


Toronto is one of the cities where you can go shopping and find all the things you need as newlyweds. Toronto has a variety of shopping malls where you can find anything you need from clothes to kitchen appliances. A lot of people are coming from other cities to shop in Toronto because chances are huge that you will find something that you are looking for.

 Movers company

You should be careful when you start moving. Who is handling your things? If you want to save money you should pack yourself. But when it comes to moving make sure you check your moving company. You can always do that by reading some comments on forums or just easily ask around. Ask a friend or acquaintance for a recommendation. There are a lot of ways to find a good and trust-worthy movers company.

Toronto’s landmark

Once you get to Toronto first thing you should do is to go and see CN Tower. Which is sky-high and known as one of the greatest complexes in the world. Casa Loma is also one of the places that you should visit because from there you can see Toronto in all its beautiful colors. If you are feeling arty you should definitely visit Royal Ontario Museum. Moving to Toronto will make you arty if you weren’t until now. But there is time for everything because you are so happy to be living in a town like this, where you can visit interesting places any day you like.

Moving to Toronto and enjoying in beautiful Cn Tower
You can rest your eyes on the beautiful landscape of Toronto

Always think of the weather

You are going to a new country and you should think about climate in your new area and what to do in Toronto during winter. Canada is known for cold weather but that is not necessarily true. In Toronto, you have four seasons. But even in the summertime, you should always have with you at least a light jacket. But think positively, cold weather can be romantic.

Canadian people

You have probably heard that Canadian people are really friendly. Well, you have heard correctly. They are. It’s what they are most famous for. You will feel like you are very welcome in Toronto. Wherever you go people will be kind to you especially if you tell them that you are not originally from Toronto. This is actually one of the best reasons to move to Toronto, especially if you are newlyweds.

Let’s talk about food

When you and your life partner decided to move to the beautiful Toronto you have probably thought about where will you be able to buy fresh groceries and will you be able to figure out where is the safest place to buy food. The right answer is St. Lawrence Market. Also, you will probably want to check out the best shopping places in Toronto like:

  • Chinatown
  • Toronto Eaton Centre
  • Kensington Market

If you are so lucky to live in Toronto you will definitely want to go there. Whatever comes to your mind to cook or if you are lazy that day you can just go and buy yourself a healthy prepared lunch.

distinctive food from one of the most famous Markets in the world
Delicious fresh groceries from St. Lawrence market

Toronto and its beautiful banks

Yes, Toronto has spectacular banks where you can enjoy your romantic day with your spouse. It cannot get better than that. Just think about how lucky you are to live with your love in such a place. And that every day you can ask her does she wants to go to the beach.
Nobody can cover all the reasons why a newlywed should be moving to Toronto. Because if they try it will take them forever. Toronto is a great place to start your family. And there is no city like it. Just do your homework with the documentation and have a great life in the best city in the world.