Why Californians love Toronto and how to help them adjust quickly

Moving from one country to another is an exciting process and at the same time, it brings a lot of stress. If you currently live in the USA and want to move to Canada, it may be a great option. Why do Californians love Toronto, and what it has to offer people who want to live there for good?

How to adjust to that big change in life?

The lifestyle in Toronto is completely different than the lifestyle in the USA – California in your case. Be fully prepared for this relocation and be sure about your decision before making any further steps when leaving California for Canada.

A man asking why do Californians love Toronto.
Know facts about living in Toronto before you move there and you will adjust faster

Why do Californians love Toronto?

What are the reasons for moving to Toronto, what are the pros of it? Some of the things that this amazing city in Ontario has to offer you as a future resident are:

  • Locals are very friendly. That is very important when living in a foreign country.
  • Toronto is a diverse place. You will meet people from all around the world here in Toronto.
  • This city is the biggest in Canada, so it has something for everyone. Seniors, college students, young professionals, families with kids, etc. It is not a boring city.
  • The healthcare is great. The best in the world.
  • Toronto has a very low crime rate. It is a safe city.
  • The economy is strong and well as the job market. Job is one of the main reasons for moving to Toronto and why Canadians love Toronto.
  • The music scene is thriving as well as the art scene.
  • Toronto is a financial center and many businesses want to have their office here.
  • There is so much to do and to see, you cannot be bored in Toronto.
  • You will experience all 4 seasons here in Toronto, it is not always hot and sunny, and yes, that can be good.
  • Amazing nature will take your breath away.

How to move from California to Toronto?

One of the first steps when moving is to speed up your packing. You can do it quickly and hassle-free and save your time during this moving process. Moving long-distance is more complicated because your items must be packed properly or they will be damaged during the transportation.

A moving truck.
Organize your long-distance relocation to Toronto like a pro

Also, consider looking for storage services and finding a place for things you can’t bring with you when moving from California to Toronto. A storage unit can be a great option in this case.

Adjust to life in Toronto

To adjust easier, find Toronto neighborhoods for ex-pats. A place where Americans live for example. Be open-minded and try new things. Meet your neighbors and talk to locals. Californians love Toronto, so you will meet a lot of them here. Do not hurry up with adjusting, it takes time. You will feel exciting, sad, happy, everything at the same time, but it is all normal. Explore Toronto and find your new favorite spots in the city.