Why Canadians love Sunny Isles Beach, FL

A lot of Canadians move to the States every year. One of the places they seem to love is Florida. Florida is a great state to move to as there are plenty of cities in Florida where moving to is a great idea. As relocation professionals have noticed an increase in people who are moving to Sunny Isles Beach from Canada. But why Canadians love Sunny Isles Beach is a question we wanted to answer and we did. So here is where you can read just what makes Canadians love Sunny Isles Beach so much. It wasn’t hard since this is one of the best cities to live in Florida.

The weather

The first thing Canadians fall in love with when it comes to Sunny Isles Beach is the weather. It is warm throughout most of the year as this is a coastal city. There are some rainy days as well as some colder days but not as rainy and cold as they are in Canada. A lot of Canadians want to get away from the cold weather to a more warmer climate.

It is a coastal town

A coastal town in Canada and a coastal town in Florida are two completely different things. Living in Florida means being able to go to the beach almost every day. During the summer you can even swim in the water. And as most of the Canada is cold even during summer, bathing in the ocean is not always possible.

This is something that attracts a lot of people from Canada to Sunny Isles Beach. People who love warm weather and spending time at the beach will also love Sunny Isles Beach so much that they will want to love there.

Sunny Isles Beach beach.
Coastal towns are why Canadians love Sunny Isles Beach.

Amazing housing

Another thing to love about Sunny Isles Beach is the fact that it has some amazing housing options. New homes are built very frequently as the demand is only getting bigger. Not only do people moving from Toronto love Sunny Isles Beach but so do people from all over the United States.

The housing is expensive when you compare the pricing to the rest of the state but it isnćt as expensive as one would assume it to be. The median home value is around $700,000. But this money gets you an amazing, spacious home in one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. It is definitely a good investment to buy a home in Sunny Isles Beach as it is considered to be the best place for foreigners to buy housing in.

Florida beach houses.
Finding a lovely home you can afford is an easy task.

Good schools nearby are why Canadians love Sunny Isles Beach

Not only do young people from Canada decide to move to Sunny Isles Beach but so do people with children. No matter your child’s age, they will love living in this beautiful city for many reasons. But one of them will definitely be because of the schools here.

Some of the best schools in the country are located near Sunny Isles Beach. They are diverse as people from all over the world move to Florida and have their children go to these amazing both private and public schools. This means that your child will have a very easy time fitting in. And that will certainly make them love this place even more.

And if you are moving with a small child, you should know that there are plenty of kindergartens here too. As relocating with a small child from one country to another is not an easy task, you should consider hiring promoversmiami.com as professional moving assistance for your relocation.

Entertainment options are endless

Even if you haven’t ever been to Florida you can probably guess how fun of place to live in it is. There are plenty of places you can go to and plenty of things to see. As this is a coastal town, one of the things you will love doing is going out to eat some fresh seafood. There are dozens of amazing restaurants with beautiful, fresh seafood dishes.

Beach from above.
You can always go to the beach but when you can’t, there are plenty of other things you can do.

But that is not all. As people from all over the world move here, plenty of them decide to open up a restaurant with authentic food from the place they came from. This is why in Florida, you can find something to eat on almost every corner. But we cannot also forget to mention the bars and clubs for those of you who love going to these places.

Most importantly, there is plenty of nature in Sunny Isles Beach and it is why there are lots of parks here as well. These parks are maintained and clean. They have biking and walking trails. Some of them have playgrounds for small children and some have large fields where you can play different sports. This is perfect for people with children as you will always have where to go and what to do. Plus the cinemas, museums, and dozens of different types of locally-owned stores.

If you do decide to invest in a property and relocate to Sunny Isles Beach from Canada, team up with nearby pros in Florida to make relocation easier. They can help you settle into your new home without a lot of stress.


Canada is a very safe place to live in which is why Canadians who are moving to the United States are looking for a place as safe as the one they lived in in Canada. And that is exactly what Sunny Isles Beach is – very safe. 

Crime rates in this area are almost nonexistent. This is because most elderly people and families with children live in Sunny Isles Beach. This is why it is one of the best places for big Canadian families and it is why Canadians love Sunny Isles Beach so much. It brings them a feeling of safety with just the right amount of new things.