Charming places in Florida for big Canadian families

If you are considering a move from Canada to the US you should try to find the place that will suit your needs perfectly. This is even more important when planning on a move with your whole family. So, try to consult them, take about your collective needs and desires, and consider your options. Be sure that when it comes to a family move Florida can be a great destination. You can find and choose from many enchanting places in Florida for big Canadian families. There are plenty of inspiring beautiful places that will provide a lot of opportunities for every family member. So let’s explore Florida for a bit.

Your new home after an international move

If you are prepared to make the effort of an international move then you should think about where you are moving and why. A Canada to Florida move will bring on quite a change to our lifestyle and will impact your family considerably. At the same time, Florida is one of the best places to move to. The state is warm and beautiful. It has its charm and can be peaceful. White sand beaches and the ocean are enough to draw anybody in. However, there is a lot more to Florida that can suit any family’s needs. From great schools to good career opportunities Florida has it all.

Tampa from the air
One of the top destinations is Tampa

But you should make an effort of finding the best destination for your household and family. However, you should be prepared for the different surroundings than in Canada. Nature is diverse and interesting to see and experience. Florida is also a tourist destination that is usually crowded and noisy. However, there are always possibilities to find quieter and more peaceful areas that are more family-friendly. After making the right choice you can rely on to handle your move efficiently. So, here is a short list of the most captivating places in Florida for big Canadian families to get your search started.

  • Tampa
  • Naples
  • Davie
  • Petersburg
  • Indian Rock Beach


Tampa is in many ways a perfect place to settle down in Florida. it is one of the biggest cities on this list. It is an economical boom town with plenty of job opportunities and developing companies. As such it draws working professionals with families here. Expats from Canada are also not uncommon here. The city has many neighborhoods and offers plenty of opportunities to find a perfect home. Even big families are able to find just what they need among the multitude of architectural styles and influences. The cooling district here is also great so the opportunities are endless. Tampa is also a fun and dynamic town so any generation can find it attractive for many reasons.


Davie is on this list as one of the nicest places in Broward county. This town of 100 thousand inhabitants is a haven for young professionals and entrepreneurs. As such it draws in many young professionals, couples, and families. Davie offers plenty of parks and outdoor activities. The educational programs and schools are exceptional. As such a boom town it is a place of almost infinite career opportunities. The city has a suburban feel with plenty of space. It is not too crowded and people are not living on top of each other.

The communities here are diverse with many different people living here. However, the people are friendly and create good social connections and ties. So, settling and living here is not that difficult. Even high families can fit in here perfectly. This adaptation will be easy when they start to settle in with expert help from many local movers. Local Davie movers can provide an easy and fast transfer. Many of them provide a full pallet of moving, storage, and other services they might need.

A house in Davie one of the most charming places in Florida
There is a lot that Davie can offer Canadian families


Naples is the Golf Capital of the world. Well, at least it is well known for the many golf courses that are located here. But this is not all. This is one of the most charming places any family can find. It has perfect beaches and expensive real estate. But it is a very quiet and attractive place suitable for people of all ages. It attracts retirees as well as younger professionals and families. You can easily find something fun to do in Naples. From lounging on the beaches to activities in one of many parks, and recreation areas. There are always options for visiting many gardens, museums, or many attractions located here.

St. Petersburg

If your family prefers larger places in Florida for big Canadian families then St. Petersburg is the place for you. This is a large city with great living conditions and many professional opportunities. The city has a developed business district and plenty of events and activities for every member of the family. With many opportunities, it is easy to find just what your family needs.

Indian Rock Beach

This city is in the immediate vicinity of both Tampa and st. Petersburg and stretches along the Gulf of Mexico. The city has over two miles of beaches and is perfect if you are looking for a property on the shoreline. There are many things to prepare for when moving to this city in Florida. One of these is the fact that the city can get crowded as it is a tourist magnet so you might want to consider your options. It is a good idea to hire a real estate agent to help you find the perfect home here. Ideally away from tourist hotspots and in the quieter area of the city.

A house on the beach
Indian Rock Beach is also one of the top places on this list

A recap on charming places in Florida

Well moving from Canada to Florida can be a big change. However, fitting in and adapting should not be that hard. Florida is a perfect place to offer great weather, natural beauties, a dynamic atmosphere but also quiet areas, and places to enjoy. So for anyone moving here, it is clear that there are plenty of lovely places in Florida for big Canadian families to enjoy and live in. All it comes down to is research until you find the perfect place to suit your needs.