Best NYC style places in Toronto

Toronto is, all in all, the most popular choice for people moving out of New York City. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, well, it’s because there are several places in Toronto which feel like NYC. In order to prove this, we have put together a list of Best NYC style places in Toronto.

Yonge Street

Housing landmarks such as the Eaton Centre, the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Yonge-Dondas square, Yonge Street is one of the most NYC style places in Toronto. One of the longest streets in the world Yonge Street is a main commercial thoroughfare. For people looking to do shopping, the Eaton Centre is the place to go, with over 250 shops to browse. And if you’re looking to relax, the Yonge-Dondas square is directly across Eaton Centre and offers many out doors events and activities year round. So, for NYC citizens coming to Toronto, finding a home near Yonge Street is probably the best choice. However, remember the things to consider when renting a moving truck for your relocation.

Aerial view of Toronto skyline
Yonge street has a lot to offer for New Yorkers who want a feeling of home.

Pizza places everywhere

Without looking at a specific location within Toronto, you can run into a NYC style pizza place almost everywhere in Toronto. So, for anyone looking for a taste of home, NYC style pizza is always very close by.

Bloor Street

Also situated in Yorkville, Toronto, Bloor Street is a popular choice for people coming from NYC to settle down in. Experts from note that a surprising amount of people they move from NYC to Toronto moves into Bloor street. This street is famous for its shopping and dining options, which are sure to give New Yorkers a feeling of home.

aerial view of Toronto streets
Bloor street is a place where New Yorkers can get a taste of home.


Toronto is home to a lot of theaters which give New Yorkers a feeling of being home again. Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre and the CAA theatre on Yonge Street come to mind. Here, New Yorkers can experience theatre as they would back in NYC.

Moving from NYC to Toronto

Moving internationally is can be a terrifying prospect. However, with the right help and preparation, performing a move from NYC to Toronto can be a breeze. All you need is a good checklist and a reliable moving company. That, and a few months of preparation. Then, you are ready for leaving NYC for good.

Toronto Islands

From Lake Ontario, specifically at Queen’s Quay, you can catch a ferry to the Toronto islands. Of the NYC style places in Toronto from this list, this one can hit a specific niche for New Yorkers in Toronto. While nothing in Toronto can really compare to Manhattan, the Toronto islands are home to plenty of parks, restaurants and walking and biking paths to enjoy.

Closing thoughts

Toronto is the most popular choice for people moving out of NYC for a reason. The lifestyle in the two cities isn’t too different, and there are plenty of places to remind you of home in Toronto. There are even guides by New Yorkers to the best Toronto neighborhoods which you can follow. We hope you found this list of best NYC style places in Toronto helpful.