What should a family from Florida know if moving to Toronto in winter

Relocating to a different country is more often than not linked to many challenges. Especially if you are bout to relocate with your entire family. So, if you decide to leave the Sunshine State for Toronto you must be prepared for certain obstacles. Moving to Toronto in winter from warm a hot climate will be an adventure to remember. However, it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant one. Careful preparations and research can help you get ready for your big day. Here are a few important things you must keep in mind while planning your Candian adventure.

Moving to Tronto in the winter with your family

If you were banking on visiting bigmansmoving.com, booking your move, and chilling unit moving day, think again. Certainly, great professional movers can help you during this difficult process. Yet, there is so much more to do and think about when leaving sunny Florida behind for chilly Canada. Thus, here are some major points that you must cover before your moving day comes around the corner.

A younger woman standing in the snow in a bright orange jacket.
When moving to Toronto in winter get your jacket and hat ready. Snowy days give the city special charm, but only in a warm outfit.

Get ready for the white carpet

One major change that you will go through, as well as your family, is climate change. Moving to Toronto in winter with your family will give you a great need to shop until you drop. This is the time to trade in your flip-flops for warm and comfy UGG boots. Toronto is often covered in snow from November until March. For that reason, a warm wardrobe is a must, but that is not all. It is very likely that you can look forward to a snowy moving day. Certainly relocating in the snow is possible. However, it will increase the difficulty factor. Once you are moved in and some time has passed, you will learn to enjoy snowy days.

When the time comes keep up with the weather forecast

One of the biggest challenges families face when moving from the US to Tronto is the weather difference. Particularly, when moving from a hot state such as Florida. We already mentioned that the winters are cold and often very snowy. Once you are a week away from your move do your best to follow the upcoming weather forecast. You do not need to do it earlier than suggested. Forecasts can be unreliable if checked well in advance. The last thing you want is to be led by false expectations on your moving day. So, follow the weather so you can plan accordingly.

Get an early headstart

In general, it is always great to start your moving day early. Yet, during the winter days, this is especially important. Once daylight runs out it is significantly more difficult to transport belongings, travel, unload, pack, etc. Since days are shorter during the winter months, time is of the essence. If for some reason you cannot get things done during the daytime, make sure you have extra lightning options to make things easier once the daylight runs out.

Girl in bed is starching and she woke up early since she is moving to Toronto in winter .
Get a head start and be an early bird when relocating in the winter. A move is much easier to facilitate during the daytime, even when done by professional movers.

Professional movers might provide better rates during the winter

We mentioned quite a few challenges that will cross your road during a winter relocation. Nevertheless, there are some upsides to it as well. Since winter months are not considered the peak of the moving season for professional movers, their moving rates are often lower during that time of year. Contact several moving companies and request moving estimates. You might be pleasantly surprised. A fat bank account is more than necessary when moving to a different country. All the money that you save will certainly come in very handy for something else.

Pay special attention to your children and their accommodations

Uprooting your children from Florida to Toronto might be more difficult than you anticipated. Kids like stability, their friends, their school, their old room, maybe grandparents down the street, etc. All these factors put together made up their little world in Florida. Now that that is about to change you must keep a close eye on them. Some kids adapt quickly and without resistance, while others, not so much. Either way, do your best to be by their side every step of the way.

Moving in the winter also implies that your kids will change schools mid-year. It is important that you take all the necessary steps to assure that your child will start their new chapter on the right track. The best way to help your kids adapt to a new country is by communicating with them and making them feel safe and supported.

A boy doing school work in his new school after moving to Toronto in winter .
Adapting to a new school and other new surroundings can be difficult for kids of all ages.

Pay special attention to packing your belongings

Packing is one of the more difficult tasks during relocation. Now that you are facing a long-distance move, you must understand that packing is serious business. Long transport puts your belongings in jeopardy of breaking and even getting lost. Thus, you must pack everything carefully, protect everything with high-quality moving supplies and mark all moving items clearly. In case you think this would be too much for your to handle it’s best to find help. Experienced professional movers will make sure everything is taken care of and secured before your moving day. Even though such services can be pricey, they are an excellent investment.

Give yourself and your family time to adapt

Moving to Toronto in winter from Florida will be an exciting change. Even though, we can be resistant to change it doesn’t necessarily mean that change is a bad thing. It will take getting used to. Especially, because of the drastic climate change, but it can be well worth it. Toronto is a magnificent city and you should give it a fair chance. Once you realize its charm you will see this relocation as a bright new beginning for yourself and your family. Happy moving!