How people moving from California to Canada experience culture shock

The post-relocation period can be rough. When you come to a different county, you need to adjust to a new home, new neighborhood, new people, and their habits. That’s why many people who are moving from California to Canada experience culture shock. Let’s hear some of them.

1. Sales tax – the initial shock

Beware of the first shopping. The prices you see on the sticker price aren’t the ones you’ll pay at the cash desk. This has to do with their so-called Harmonized Sales Tax. According to it, the tax isn’t included in the price. However, the bill will show it. This can be pretty a shock for all the people coming from the USA who are used to the tax-inclusive method. So if you move to one of the Toronto neighborhoods, don’t forget this fact when you come to the shopping mall.

A pile of plates and some baloons with the percent sign on them.
Be careful with the prices.

2. Yes, people are really nice, they don’t act it

Wherever you go in Canada, chances are high you’ll come across someone who’d like to help. Making friends in Canada shouldn’t bother you at all. The people there are very kind and open-hearted. All you need to do is to make several connections once you come there. Then, people you know will introduce you to more people, and that’s how it goes. This is especially important for those who decide to move to Canada with the whole family. In that case, for the relocation matters, Family Affair Moving is there to help.

3. The idea of multiculturalism – people moving from California to Canada experience culture shock

The newcomers from all over the world have no problem fitting in the Canadian community. That’s because multiculturalism is at the core of the country’s community. In fact, cultural diversity in Canada is more noticeable than in any other part of the world. That’s one of the reasons why Californians easily decide to move to Toronto and stay there for good. You don’t have to belong to a particular cultural group in order to be accepted. The country’s principles are simply based on respect. For that Canada over the years remains one of the most popular moving destinations.

A young woman who is happy after moving from California to Canada successfully.
Differences aren’t a barrier.

4. If you think politeness is overrated, forget about that

Saying “thank you”, “excuse me”, “sorry” is practically part of Canadian identity. They’re polite to everyone, and they expect to get the same from the other side. So, don’t be shocked if you see some strange looks when you miss saying “please”. What’s more, they’ll consider you rude and impolite. So when you start packing your things in the moving truck which will take you to this beautiful country, bring all your good manners with you, and leave heavy lifting to experts.

Final words

Relocating to a completely different country is never easy. Cultural shocks aren’t rare, and most people need a bit of time to go with a flow. You’ve seen how people moving from California to Canada experience culture shock. So, if you do some research, and stay flexible to changes, everything will be just fine.