Moving from Ottawa to Toronto: how to prepare in less than a week

Have you decided to move from Ottawa to Toronto anytime soon? If you have, well, congratulations are in order. The Big Smoke (as Canadians like to call it) treats its residents well. But, don’t start celebrating just yet. Moving from Ottawa to Toronto is not something you can do easily. You will have to sell your current home, find a new one, pack all of your belongings, say goodbye to your loved ones, etc. However, when you add having to prepare for your move in less than a week, things get a lot more complex and stressful. If you don’t organize your move properly, it will end up costing you a lot (a lot of money, energy, nerves, and who knows what else). But, fear not! As long as you follow our tips and tricks, you will do just fine. So, without further ado, here is how moving from Ottawa to Toronto is done in less than a week.

Try to Find Your New Home

We have to start with some bad news – although living in Toronto has many perks, the prices of homes are not one of them. Namely, Toronto is one of the most expensive cities in the world when it comes to buying and renting a home. For instance, an average family house in Toronto is around $1M and the average rent (for a one-bedroom apartment) is around $1, 500 a month. However, this is not the bad news, no! The bad news is that, if you don’t find your home on time, you will have to live in some of Toronto’s hotels. And, those are crazy expensive! Just to give you an idea – you will need approximately $200 (per person) for just one night.

Thus, be sure to find yourself home before moving from Ottawa to Toronto. If you don’t know how to do that, hire a real estate agent. This kind of professional is the only one who can help you find a home in Toronto that suits both your needs and your budget and who can help you find a home in less than a week.

A realtor giving home keys to a couple before moving from Ottawa to Toronto.
Moving from Ottawa to Toronto is going to be much easier if you have a home waiting for you.

Hire Movers ASAP!

When you have to move in less than a week, you have to work with the right people. That is, you have to work with moving professionals. Just think about it – will you be able to organize a long-distance move on short notice? Probably not! But, for professional movers, this is a piece of cake.

Professional movers will come to your home, bring their packing materials, pack up all of your belongings, ensure everything is relocated safely, etc. In other words, they will do all the moving-related tasks so that you can have more time to spend on more important things – things such as organizing your documents or saying goodbye to your loved ones for example.

Ask Your Friends to Help You Out

However, if hiring movers is not an option (because of money or short deadlines), that is okay too. Moving from Ottawa to Toronto can be done in a DIY kind of way as long as you are well organized. First, you will have to call all of your friends! Ask them to give you a hand. Or, call your family members, neighbors, colleagues, or anyone willing to help you out. Since you have to move in a hurry – ask each ‘helper’ to do something. For instance, somebody can go to a stationery shop or a hardware store to buy all the packing materials while somebody else is packing room by room.

Moreover, when you arrive, don’t hesitate to ask your new neighbors to give you a hand too. All residents of Toronto are friendly, so be sure that they will help you out. So, don’t be afraid, all you have to do is ask. This will not only ease the process of moving in but also help you make friends in Toronto right after you move.

Two people carrying moving boxes down the stairs.
To move in less than a week, you have to rely on your friends’ help.

Pack Only What You Need

If you are moving from Ottawa to Toronto, that is, if you are trying to pull out a move on short notice, you can’t just pack up everything you own. Most of that stuff you probably don’t use. And, most of that stuff you will never use. Are we right? Most of us have a ton of unnecessary items that are just cluttering our living space. And, if you decide to take all of that with you, you will certainly need a lot more time, energy, and money than you planned.

Thus, before you call your to come and start packing your belongings, be sure to declutter most of them. Set aside only the things you use every day or the things that you are emotionally attached to. Then, declutter the rest. If you have no time left, take the things you won’t relocate to a charitable organization or see if some of your friends might want them. And, if you do have some time on your hands, try to organize a yard sale or sell your things online as this will earn you some much-needed cash.

A woman decluttering.
If you want to save money and space in your new home, declutter your belongings before you move.

Organize Your Documents

Finally, don’t forget to organize your documents – this is just one more thing you will have to do before you can move and start exploring Toronto, we promise. So, one week won’t be enough for that, we are not going to lie. But, one week is going to be more than enough to start the process of getting them. What you can do is apply for the documents you need and ask to have them mailed to your new address. You can do this with your medical and dental records, vet records, vehicle registration records, driver’s license, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to transfer your utilities (internet, phone, etc.).

Moving from Ottawa to Toronto on short notice is not going to be easy. But, it is going to be doable! You just have to stay organized and follow all the tips mentioned above. So, hurry up, read everything again, make a plan, and start preparing for your upcoming move.