How (and where) to buy a house in the U.S as a foreigner

How and where to buy a house in the U.S is a difficult question even for locals. There are many amazing and many not-so-amazing places you can choose from. To do it as a foreigner is much more difficult (at least when it’s time to choose). So, we will try to help you out and point you in the right direction – the rest is up to you. Let’s start by exploring the perfect states for newcomers. That will narrow down the search and then we can talk about the home buying process for foreigners and lastly – moving in.

Choosing a state to buy a house in the U.S

There is plenty to choose from, of course. But not all states are the same. Depending on whether you are relocating here with your family or alone there are some things you need to consider. Prices are amongst the first things you should look out for. Some states are very inexpensive to live in and some are very and I repeat very pricy. If you have kids, you need to do some research on public schools and education in those states. Safety is also a very important factor. Job opportunities too.


This state has the lowest poverty rates and is the best know for its blue crabs. Towns like Frederick, Easton, Rockville, and Baltimore are one of the best places to live in Maryland. This is a wealthy state and there are a lot of job opportunities just waiting for you here. Relocating here is simplified thanks to local movers. You can count on experts to get you all the help you might need during this difficult process of relocating to a foreign country.


Delaware has low taxes and a very affordable housing situation. Other prices like groceries, health, and utilities are somewhere around the national average. This is a tiny state but a very nice one to live in. Compared to Maryland, this is a better place to retire. This state is not heavily populated, and its surrounded by peaceful retreats. That’s why more and more people are relocating here. They usually turn to professional teams when it’s time to relocate simply because it’s easier. You need a helping hand sometimes and friendly local movers are always there to help.

Delaware is a great place where you can live comfortably and raise a family.


This state is a dream come true for hot weather fans. Also for the ones dreaming to lead a peaceful life on the beach. This is also an ultimate retirement destination for most Americans. But Florida has much more to offer than being a place for seniors to relax. Young professionals love Miami and the lifestyle only Miami can offer you. Those amazing beaches are only a bonus, right? Prices are affordable and somewhere near the national average meaning that you can find a nice place for you to buy and raise your family. Some states have problems with the prices of real estate like California or New York and that’s why they can be quite confusing for newcomers. Luckily that’s not the case with this state.

Living in Florida really looks like this.


You will meet some of the friendliest people here. Southern hospitality is something the whole world knows about. Also, they have an amazing food scene. The heat can get quite difficult for some but this state is also great for hot weather fans. Keep in mind that it can get quite humid here so people with respiratory problems should avoid it. Other than that Texas can be really amazing place for you and your family. Especially if you are looking to buy a ranch and have that kind of life. That can be very satisfying. Even though this is the second-most populous state, you have plenty of room here, you can park your car wherever you go.

New York

This is one of the most expansive places you can possibly go. Housing prices are rocket high. Yet people often relocate here. The reason is of course job opportunities. So for young professionals, this state can be a chance for a new start and a better life. Also, when it comes to nightlife, entertainment, and food scene there is no better place. Just be prepared for all that NY hassle and the nice especially if you are going to New York City.

Buying a house in the U.S as a foreigner

There is no citizenship requirement for real estate sales so foreigners can buy any kind of property in the states. Actually, foreigners can even qualify for a mortgage provided they meet certain requirements the banks set. There is one difference – taxes. Foreigners have more challenging tax situations than US citizens so consult a lawyer before buying any kind of property in the USA.

A house to consider if you want to buy a house in the U.S
Buying a house is an exciting process.

Owning a house and green card

Owning any kind of property will not have any influence on getting your green card. Owning property doesn’t give you any visa or other immigration benefits. Getting a mortgage is possible as a foreigner but it’s much easier if you are a permanent resident. If you plan on becoming a permanent resident make sure to call Superior Moving & Storage to help you out.

Who can help you to buy a house in the U.S

Nowadays you can even get a place of your own without coming to the U.S first. But you will be needing help from a lawyer and a reliable real estate agent. Of course, before you decide on one specific state you can look around online using websites like Zillow to give you a bigger picture and insights into prices. Good luck and hopefully you will find your dream house soon enough and when the relocation comes, hire movers to help you out. That way the move itself will go stress-free.