Things to consider before applying for a job in Canada

Canada is a destination that is very popular these days. Many ex-pats are setting their sites on Canada as their destination. If you consider that this great country opens its borders to over 300.000 workers a year it is clear why this is so. If you add to this a first-class healthcare system, high living standards, and pristine nature then you can see that Canada is the perfect moving destination. However, to move to Canada you first have to find a job. So this will be your first endeavor and you will have some things to consider before applying for a job in Canada. Let’s see what you will have to do and prepare.

Finding a job in Canada

Although Canada is importing a considerable workforce it is not that easy to find a job there. You should know your options in this regard and first of all, you will have to know if you are eligible to get a work permit in Canada. And even this does not ensure you a job there. The workforce that Canada needs is well educated, qualified, and skilled. So, you have to start job hunting as the only means of getting into Canada. But let’s list some of the steps that you will have to consider, go through and prepare for in this process:

  • Find out about your eligibility
  • Become a legal immigrant to Canada
  • Apply for express entry
  • Customize and adapt your CV
  • Do some job hunting

Find out if you are eligible

One of the critical things to consider before applying for a job in Canada is your eligibility. To consider moving to Canada you have to acquire a temporary work permit so you must provide some of the information about yourself.

Nature, forest, and mountains of Canada.
Canada is not only great for its business, and great cities but also pristine nature

There are some requirements that you will need to meet. You cant bypass them so make sure you know what they are and provide data to:

  • Prove that you will leave Canada
  • That your finances can sustain your stay in Canada
  • Prove that your criminal record is clear
  • That you will not endanger Canada
  • That you are healthy and
  • prove that your employer is eligible

If you are an American be clear that even though this is a neighboring country and entry is easy you still have to meet all of the conditions for working there. So, make sure that you are eligible before you start planning your move. Verified Movers will always be there to provide you assistance for your move but make sure you do your part before that.

Legal immigrant – a good option for finding work

You can apply for a job in Toronto as a foreign worker but this option can be complicated. This means that your future employer has to prove that no Canadians are available to do that job. This is complicated, burdening for your employer, and not always possible. So, as a workaround to this problem, you can always get a legal immigrant status. The legal immigrant status will allow you to move in more easily, choose your employer and a location to move to.

It also makes it much easier to move around and travel through Canada. In this way, this status will open up more options to you and provide better employment opportunities. This fact is one of the useful things to consider before applying for a job in Canada as it can be of great help in this process.

Toronto neighborhoods to consider before applying for a job in Canada.
Toronto is one of the best places to look for a job opportunity

Express entry

Express entry is Canadian immigration that helps determine eligibility for residency in Canada. This system is designed to also connect to the job poos and inform candidates of any job vacancies and job needs. This system will always take into account the age, experience, qualifications, and language skills in this process. Once you get a SIN or Social Insurance Number through this system you will have a real chance of finding your dream job. With SIN you are free to look for and move for a job, switch careers and employers, and travel through Canada.

Customize your CV

Make sure to adapt your CV for applying for a job in Canada. You should find a CV template and fill it in in detail. Try to create a simple and readable resume that will present you in good light. Try to make it interesting to make you stand out from the crowd. You will have to grab the attention of potential employers to get an interview. Keep in mind that the Canadian job market is competitive and that you will have to fight through the competition. So, make your CV simple but interesting and make sure you are creative, truthful, and point out all of your skills and achievements.

Go Job hunting

There are many online resources that can help you out in this respect. Finding a job today is easier with the help of Google and specialized websites. There are quite a few websites in Canada that are great for looking for jobs and assessing the needs of workers in different areas. Basically, Canada mostly requires accountants and accounting technicians, sales, engineering, and financial managers, dentists, and so on. However different areas have different needs. Toronto is oriented towards IT professionals with different expertise. Ontario seeks different kinds of experts in software engineering, electrical engineers, and so on.

A charming old building in Toronto to visit when applying for a job in Canada.
Canada is much more than a destination to find your dream job in

To find a job Google can also be an invaluable source of information. it will also help you prepare for your new destination. Use it to learn about Canada and to prepare for the move there. It will help you get the data about your surroundings, where you can settle in and find a perfect housing solution. Google will also provide additional information about the job market and opportunities. This will help you look for other potential jobs and employers giving you the freedom to choose and find new, more exciting, and better opportunities.

So, there are many things to consider before applying for a job in Canada. The country is inviting but there are things you should know first. However, with this list and good preparation, you can easily navigate the administrative requirements. This will open the door to both moving to Canada and finding your dream job there.